Text Messaging Featured Articles

  • Using SMS to Engage and Deliver Innovative Solutions for Customers
    The first SMS message was sent in 1992 and it simply said, "Merry Christmas". Fast-forward more than two decades later, and the technology is being used to provide a wide range of services by simplifying or completely eliminating the minutia of daily activity. One of the latest innovative applications of SMS is to eradicate the agonizing chore of waiting in line, which many organizations are thankfully deploying to better engage with customers and deliver improved customer service.
  • HeyWire LiveText Certified for Avaya IP Office
    HeyWire, a provider of enterprise text messaging, announced that Avaya had certified its HeyWire LiveText service for interoperability with Avaya IP Office Contact Center.
  • Text Request Opens the Floodgates, Offers Reseller Program
    Text Request started up on the strength of a rather simple idea: why not offer a way for businesses to readily receive text messages from customers instead of only offering a phone call as a contact point? Now, Text Request offers up just such a service, and in a bid to get it into more hands, has likewise launched a new reseller program for technology specialists and consultants throughout the United States.
  • TextSecure Eschews Encryption for Secure OTT Transport
    Ever since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents alleging a number of government surveillance efforts that target U.S. citizens, end-to-end encryption for communications has been a hot commodity. But Open Whisper Systems said this week that it is discontinuing support for encrypted SMS and MMS messages in its TextSecure messaging product for Android, in favor of a new approach.
  • Class Action Lawsuit Brought Against Facebook for Text Messaging Notification System
    Facebook could aptly be called the king of notifications. The social media network's one billion plus users are well-acquainted with the little red numbers crowning the top corners of the platform. Mr. Noah Duguid is not one of these users, at least not anymore. After allegedly becoming a little too familiar with Facebook notifications of the SMS variety, Duguid filed a class action lawsuit against the social media mammoth.
  • Good Technology & CellTrust Bring Secure SMS, Messaging and Voice to MWC
    The recent onslaught of Android SMS viruses-including Gazon, Selfmite, and Heart App-have left mobile device users in financial sectors a bit anxious for better and safer networks for their employees. From Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Good Technology and CellTrust bring us a new secure SMS, messaging, and Voice solution called CellTrust SecureLine for Good.
  • More Companies and Organizations Using SMS for Customer Engagement
    Getting customer support in the past often meant calling a vendor's toll-free number and navigating a maze of keys to press. After making several attempts to reach a live person, you finally figure out the combination of options that you need to get your question answered and feel a sense of victory. Unfortunately, you learn how Sisyphean the accomplishment turned out to be on the next call after the vendor changes its menu structure.
  • The Value of Text Message Signatures
    Chances are that you currently use an email signature both for your business and personal correspondence. If you're a serious mobile business user, your iPhone also probably includes an email signature that's more than a plug for Apple devices.
  • Enterprise Must Consolidate Mobile Messaging to Improve ROI
    Text messaging serves as an engagement tool for both consumer and enterprise alike when leveraged in a unified manner. According to a recent white paper from Open Markets and IDC, three out of four enterprises expect ROI by the end of the next 12 months - but their implementations may prevent the desired revenue.
  • Enterprises Embracing Omni-Channel Customer Service
    While the call center has been the backbone of customer service communication, it's been joined by text-based channels, notably SMS and Web chat in recent years, with the concept of "omni-channel" customer service.
  • It's Inevitable: Marketing is Shifting to Digital Media
    Just because a medium is digital doesn't mean that it will bring in more customers. Texting and email are both types of digital media, but they cannot be treated the same way.
  • Is Customer Engagement Just a Text Message Away?
    When it comes to retail these days-whether online or brick-and-mortar-customer engagement is the stuff that dreams are made of. More specifically, the stuff that dreams of runaway success are made of. When the customers are engaged, the customers are paying attention, and eager to come back time and time again to shop with that particular store.
  • Blackphone Encrypted Text Flaw Opens Devices to Hacker Takeover
    Blackphone uses a "PrivateOS" that encrypts both voice calls and text messaging. One problem though: Azimuth Security researchers have uncovered a chink in the armor.
  • Marketing Surveys Don't Necessarily Indicate Mobile Intentions
    A quick search around the Internet for some mobile marketing stats will yield varied results, but it looks as though marketers do have mobile marketing-and text messaging-on the brain. Surveys like that from Salesforce took a gander at what marketing folks are using for their campaigns, and while the numbers rank rather high in terms of planning to use or currently using mobile marketing, the responses on ROI were less than impressive.
  • Text Message Notifications a Growing Trend Among Auto Service Shops
    With the phenomenon of digital technology and instant communication well underway, our society is continually finding new ways to integrate modern forms of communication into everyday operations. One such example is auto service departments, many of which are adopting text message notification systems to better meet the needs of their customers while fine-tuning internal operations.
  • How Can Businesses Use Speech-to-Text Messaging?
    Each communications medium has its advantage. The main advantage of speech is speed, and the fact that most of us are better talkers than writers. But listening to speech is much slower than reading words on a page.
  • The Evolving Uses of Text Messaging
    Today there are more ways than ever to communicate little bits of information-chat and social media being high on that list. But despite these new ways to communicate the written word, tried and true text messaging technology is both enduring and thriving.
  • Text Messaging Sees Success as Mobile Recruitment Tool
    When it comes to running a clinical trial, what would you think is one of the most important parts? Probably one of the questions that need to be considered right at the offset is, can you have a clinical trial without patients? It seems that even with the numerous proposed strategies that exist for effective recruitment, it is still a major challenge that cannot be overcome.
  • New Solution Offers Employee Self Service via Texting
    Integrating text messaging into the daily routines of workforces is a lot easier than many businesses may think. Text messaging has already become well established as a powerful tool for business marketing and general customer service and outreach. But how can it be used to make companies more efficient internally?
  • Marketing Through Texting is a Game Changer
    The recent emergence of more SMS-based solutions for the enterprise offers some insight into the nature of texting in business. In short, consumers appear to prefer texting above emails and phone calls by a significant amount. The margin is so big, in fact, that some have referred to business texts as a game changer.
  • It's Time to Take Toll Free Text Messaging to the Cloud
    TSG Global is focused on bringing such simplicity to text messaging by supporting the right infrastructure, while also providing voice service to carriers and the enterprise. To get the full story, TSG Global's Noah Rafalko sat down with TMC's Rich Tehrani in the TMC newsroom at the Editor's Day 2014 event in Boston.
  • T-Mobile to Refund over $90 Million for Unauthorized Third-Party Charges
    Wireless carrier T-Mobile has reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pay more than $90 million as restitution for placing unauthorized third-party charges on its customers' phone bills. The agreement, which was reached last Friday, settles a lawsuit the FTC filed against the company in July 2014.
  • Lawsuit Leveled Against Sprint for Unauthorized Charges
    Ever search for a cool wallpaper or ringtone on your smartphone, and come across a service offering free goodies for the easy exchange of your mobile phone number? These deals can sometimes seem too good to be true and, as it turns out, they often are. Such was the case for a great many wireless users with Sprint plans, who have been wittingly or unwittingly victims of what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) calls "illegal cramming."
  • Verizon Lets Users Send Last-minute Gift Cards via Text
    The holidays are filled with festivities, high spirits, and gatherings with loved ones from near and far. But the season wouldn't be complete without at least a little bit of frantic, last-minute shopping. There is inevitably that one cousin or uncle or family member's spouse that somehow slips through the cracks, only to be remembered just before the party where the non-existent gift will be exchanged.
  • Niagara County Sheriff's Office Adopts Crime Victim Text Message Notifications
    The Niagara County Sheriff's office has announced that it has adopted a service that sends text messages to crime victims if the status of an inmate has changed.
  • Samsung UK: Texting is the New Christmas Card
    The holidays are a time to reach out and reconnect with loved ones near and far. Traditionally, it is a time of year for festive cards, phone calls and family photos, but in recent years, alternatives have become more and more popular. One that rises above the rest is text messaging.
  • Text Messaging Turns 22 This Month
    Short message service, otherwise known as SMS or text messaging, turns 22 this month, marking another year of tremendous progress for the tried and true technology. Since its first introduction to the cell phone, text messaging has become a cornerstone of not just mobile communication-but of communication in general. Nearly everyone today has a cell phone or smartphone, all of which are text-enabled, making it a convenient, discrete, and ubiquitous means of staying in touch with others, sharing information, coordinating plans, and so on.
  • Cut Through the Retail Madness This Holiday with Text Messaging
    With December rushing by, the season for holiday festivities-and shopping-is well underway. In the next few weeks, consumers will be making their final rounds in the retail circuit for holiday gifts, and that means a very busy time for stores.
  • Text Messaging Enters the Net Neutrality Battle
    It was a few months ago, back in September, that several big name Internet companies decided to show a lot of spinning wheels as a protest to block Internet service providers from providing "fast lanes" to sites that pay more, which is something that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has considered allowing within commercially reasonable bounds.
  • Storing Texts: Security Assurance or Breach of Privacy?
    The convenience of text messaging has significantly changed the way many of us communicate on a regular basis. While the channel is not necessarily preferred in all situations, it has rapidly become a key focus for users of all ages.
  • Experts Say Texting While Driving is Addictive
    While there are numerous campaigns out there trying to get people to understand the dangers of texting while driving, a new study indicates that stopping this habit might be more difficult than first thought-it may actually be addictive. Forbes is reporting that at least one expert thinks compulsion and addiction are applicable terms when talking about the draw to texting while driving.
  • The Secret Reason Your Contact Center Thinks You're Crazy for Using Texting
    A funny thing happens when you set out to do something differently with the way your contact center interacts with callers-not "ha ha" funny, but funny as in odd. I mean, you'd think that the prospect of augmenting a cost effective way for contact center agents to interact with their callers would be embraced and seen as exciting. And if not for the contact center, then at least for those on the business end... right? Well, sadly, that's not always the case.
  • The Phone Call is Slowly Going the Way of the Written Letter
    It doesn't take a lot of effort to connect with complete strangers across the globe, thanks to the Internet. Decades ago, we used to have pen pal swap programs to find people in different parts of the world and relied heavily on the written letter to engage in conversation. We even did this with distant family members; yearly holiday letters were sent out en masse, or perhaps we sent cards to our great Aunt Beatrice who lived three states away.
  • Real-time Texting: The Future of SMS?
    Computers, once bulky and pixilated, have become sleek, compact and on the cutting edge of image display quality. Phones have transformed from heavy, tethered rotaries to lightweight mobile devices capable of so much more than simple phone calls. As technology forges ahead, the face of just about every device and service is changing-so why should text messaging be any exception?
  • Apple Finds Fix for Lost Texts as Federal Lawsuit Looms
    Anyone who has tried switching from an iPhone to a non-Apple smartphone is probably aware of the unnecessary obstacle created through iMessage, which reportedly blocks incoming and outgoing text messages from other Apple users.
  • Why Contact Centers Need Text Messaging
    Millions of people today use text messaging. It's convenient, as it doesn't require the same level of interruption from one's day that a phone call does, and it doesn't exclude those without smartphones from using it. Furthermore, it is a direct, discrete and efficient means of contacting someone. Yet, despite these obvious benefits, the technology remains widely an untapped resource for many contact centers. With the new year around the corner, businesses should seriously consider integrating text messaging technology into their contact centers.
  • Make Your 'Dumb' Phone Smart with New SMS Web Browsing Service
    It may seem like just about everyone today is glued to a smartphone, but there are still standard cellphone users out there without access to many of the Internet-based features and apps that make smart devices so appealing. One of the easiest options to take for granted by smartphone users may be the ability to conduct simple Web searches. Not sure what the name of that restaurant was that your coworker mentioned? Just Google it on your walk out the door. So-called "dumb" phone users have lacked this convenience on their devices-that is, until now.
  • Ebola Researchers Harness the Power of Texting
    While the focus of news in the U.S. may have shifted to election coverage, the threat of Ebola is still front and center for those living in the six West African countries to which the virus has spread. Estimations are that about 5,000 people have died from Ebola so far, but the crisis is also wreaking havoc on political balances, local economics and-most importantly-people's livelihoods. With infrastructures falling into chaos, aid workers and researchers struggled to get in touch with citizens in affected areas, until they realized there is one system that remains intact: text messaging through cellular service.
  • Automobile Companies Adding Texting Options in Their Vehicles
    It should come as no surprise that if you are texting while driving a car, the potential for accidents increases dramatically, especially with young inexperienced drivers. Aware of this problem, automobile manufacturers are integrating text capabilities into their vehicles that don't require the use of a smartphone or another device in order to reduce many of the accidents that take place while texting and driving.
  • The Advantages to SMS and OTT Marketing
    Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of our society, as is evident from the data released by Pew Research. This study shows that 90 percent of American adults have a cell phone, and this trend cuts across races and geographical locations. These adults include employees, customers and partners of different businesses, so it is only logical for the business world to adopt mobile messaging as a part of its communication strategy.
  • Text Messaging: The Future of Marketing?
    There have been several reports out over the past six months indicating that currently there are somewhere in the neighborhood of about seven billion mobile subscribers around the world. This is an interesting number since at the end of 2013 the population count was at about 7.181 billion people. According to my calculations, that means that about 97.48 percent of the world's population has a mobile subscription. A study conducted this year by Ericsson shows that a lot of people have multiple subscriptions with the capability of receiving SMS messages so the above number is closer to 4.5 billion reported mobile users.
  • Court Appeals Stops Telcom Refunds for SMS Overcharge
    Text messaging services are widely used as a means of communication for millions of people in their day-to­day lives. This technology offers an easily accessible and cost effective solution for all users to chat, enquire and get feedback or acknowledgment, or even communicate with businesses. SMS is a highly efficient mode of two-way communication, in addition to being an effective tool for enterprise users' work activities.
  • Survey: Want to Improve the Appointment Process? Try Texting
    The process of scheduling an appointment for a visit to the doctor's office, or hair salon, or just about anywhere, is rarely an experience people enjoy. Calling the business might mean a quick answer from a receptionist followed by a long wait on hold, then comparing schedules to the office's and trying to find dates and times that line up. It can be time consuming, and even an ordeal for businesses with appointments booked far in advance, but it's a necessary fact of life.
  • Connected Farmer Alliance Set to Provide Help in Tanzania via SMS
    There are certain tools that are fairly universal in terms of farming. The tractor, for example, comes quickly to mind, as does the plow and irrigation systems. But one tool that's making some surprise inroads is the mobile device, and the Connected Farmer Alliance (CFA) is looking to bring this powerful new farming tool to farmers in Tanzania through text messaging.
  • Why Text Messaging is Great for the Enterprise
    The enterprise is now looking at the potential afforded with mobile messaging. Those teens that once developed thumb cramps are now writing core corporate strategy and executing on sales plans. It seems only natural to incorporate text messaging as a prominent communication channel.
  • As Its Business Potential Grows, Text Messaging Sees New Fees
    Text messaging is one of the most ubiquitous forms of communication today, but surprisingly it has taken businesses a while to catch on to the trend. Slowly but surely, marketing and customer service departments have begun to take advantage of texting, and now-as more recognize the vast potential-come new costs associated with SMS and MMS.
  • New Bulk Messaging Software Hits the Market
    SMS is considered a highly useful method of keeping in touch with people across globe, both professionally and personally. Recognizing the versatility this technology offers businesses, Indian SMS service provider SendGroupSMS.com recently unveiled its new bulk messaging software.
  • Ad Campaigns Face New Scrutiny After Thomas v. Taco Bell Decision
    When the decision in Thomas v. Taco Bell was announced by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last summer, it appeared that franchisors had achieved a victory. After all, the court ruled in Taco Bell's favor in a case dealing with spamming text ads to cellphone users when it found that the fast food company was not liable.
  • House Makes Update to Truth in Caller ID Act, Includes Text Messaging
    Here's some good news for mobile users everywhere: the House of Representatives has approved an update to an existing bill, the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 that now protects consumers from receiving calls and text messages on their cell phones from a phone number that is purposely fabricated.
  • Nordstrom Integrates SMS Technology for Better Customer Experience
    Retailers with brick-and-mortar stores are facing an incredible amount of competition from online merchants who are cutting costs to the bare minimum. While this is great for the consumer, it is getting increasingly more difficult to keep the doors of physical stores open. Established retailers are using different technologies as well an in-store experience to engage with their customers.
  • Browse the Web with Text Messages
    Despite the best efforts of Internet service providers and cellphone carriers, there are many pockets of the world that lack reliable Internet access. A new project called Cosmos Browser offers a workaround by letting users browse the Web using only SMS. The browser runs on top of the Twilio service, which lets software developers make and receive calls and text messages using its APIs.
  • SMS Marketing Company Releases Free Text Messaging Platform
    A that offers cloud call center products recently announced a free product that allows any business to send out text messages to its customers.
  • Los Angeles Considers Upgrading 911 Service to Support Text Messages
    The City of Los Angeles is joining the nearly 100 other cities in the U.S. upgrading or considering upgrading their 911 service. Called Next Generation 911 (NG911), it is intended to "enhance the 911 system to create a faster, more flexible, resilient, and scalable system that allows 911 to keep up with communication technology used by the public," according to the 911.gov website.
  • Texting-Only Lane Appears in China
    In our rapidly evolving society, behavioral shifts adapting to new technologies lead to unexpected consequences. One such example has been the adoption of cellphones and text messaging, and the phenomenon of the "distracted walker."
  • New Jersey Looking to Ban Unsolicited Text Messages
    While text messaging is an incredibly useful technology, it's also one of those that can become a nuisance fairly quickly. Sometimes the tech makes something that is a nuisance to something quite a bit more sinister and even costly. The New Jersey state government is trying to make sure people and companies cannot harass, personally or commercially, through text message without the recipients' OK.
  • Blytheville Courier News Launches Service that Texts News Headlines to Subscribers
    In Blytheville, Ariz., the local Courier News is trying out a new strategy to engage their readers: text alerts. Earlier this month, the news service launched the new TxtAlert program that subscribers can customize to fit their needs. Depending on which news topics the subscriber feels are most important to them, the program will deliver Courier News headlines and alerts, in addition to weather reports, sports scores, school notices, community events and more.
  • EPA's Motion to Dismiss Text Message Lawsuit Denied by District Court
    The EPA recently underwent considerable scrutiny regarding its transparency practices after a scandal involving false identification in e-mail accounts and another regarding agency business being conducted with private e-mail accounts. Last October another lawsuit began when a nonprofit think tank accused the agency of destroying over five thousand text messages that contained public records.
  • SafeLink Health Solutions' Texting Program Expanded to Puerto Rico
    Triple-S Salud, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensee in Puerto Rico, has made arrangements with TracFone Wireless and Voxiva to provide the SafeLink Health Solutions (SHS) service to eligible patients in Puerto Rico. These patients will have access to a cell phone and receive healthcare text messaging free of charge.
  • IPC Media Partners with Boku for 'Text to Pay' Initiative
    As more and more parts of the world become connected through mobile devices, text messaging has grown into one of the most ubiquitous forms of communication. Capitalizing on the widespread and highly accessible nature of texting, businesses are now looking for more ways to take advantage of the technology. Mobile payments provider Boku has partnered with IPC Media to create a new "text to pay" feature for paying for print magazine subscriptions via text message without using credit or debit cards.
  • Users Get Creative with Emoji, May Signal Inroads to Customer Service
    The use of emoticons first began to spread like wildfire when instant messaging arrived on the scene. The early days of user-to-user Internet communication demanded that people were able to express emotions without having to explain themselves through text.
  • SMS is Helping to Save Lives in Downtown Vancouver
    In a campaign to save lives, the people of Vancouver, Canada, have found a new way to implement text messaging technology. The Vancouver Community Network (VCN), a non-profit dedicated to providing free Internet access to those in need, has developed an innovative street messaging system. The street messaging system, currently available in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside district, uses a Web-based platform to send SMS messages to those who are disadvantaged or living on the streets of Vancouver.
  • US Carriers Compete with Unlimited Data, Texting Plans
    Competition in the U.S. mobile carrier market is fierce, with the top four players in the space constantly coming up with new plans to one-up the others and draw in more customers. Text messaging, which remains one of the most prominent forms of modern communication for users, is one offering carriers are using to get an edge.
  • Merchants Get Help Targeting Customers Through Text Messages
    As of the last count, reports indicate that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of seven billion mobile subscribers around the world. This is an interesting number, since at the end of 2013, the population count was somewhere in the neighborhood of about 7.181 billion people. According to my calculations, that represents about 97.48 percent of the world's population that have a mobile subscription. A study conducted this year by Ericsson shows that a lot of people have several subscriptions with the capability of receiving SMS messages, so the above number is closer to 4.5 billion reported mobile users.
  • Text Messages Find Their Way into Popular TV Programming
    In an era when high volumes of communication are conducted via text message, it is a pervasive element of our culture. And while it has taken hold as a communication fixture, it has been a challenge for filmmakers to incorporate in a way that feels natural. It's impossible to overlook this form of communication because it plays such a large role in real life, bringing about a whole new avenue for dramatic situations.
  • Texting Stays Strong as App Downloads Drop
    When apps like Whatsapp and WeChat broke into the smartphone apps market, people thought they were seeing the future of instant messaging and communications. Who needs to pay for texting, when they can download an app that can send instant messages and has fun functionality? Sadly, for app developers, texting isn't likely to go away any time soon, as a recent report has revealed a bleak future for smartphone apps.
  • FCC Requiring All Wireless Carriers to Support Text-to-911 by End of Year
    Callers will soon find it a lot more flexible to contact 911. Under new rules from the Federal Communications Commission, by the end of the year wireless carriers will have to support text to 911 services.
  • Pennsylvania Suburbs to Get 911 Text Messaging
    Across the country, 911 centers have begun to implement new technology that enables mobile phone users to text in emergency situations. The Pennsylvania suburbs of Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Berks counties are the latest to join the planned nationwide rollout of 911 texting.
  • An Open Rate of 98 Percent Gives SMS Marketing an Edge Over Email
    Email will never step aside in the wake of some many SMS messages. However, when it comes to marketing, there are a lot of spam and junk mail options within the various email programs that are designed to keep what you do not want to see out of your reach. The problem for marketers is that this is one method that they use on a daily global basis to promote brands and attempt to increase sales.
  • Call Centers Should Take Texting Seriously
    As more people adopt devices outside of the traditional phone system, it's important for customer service centers to support more than one type of contact method, whether it's phone calls, social media, email or even text message.
  • Disaster Talk to the Rescue
    DisasterTalk is a texting app, developed to offer fast, instant phone to phone communication in a unique way.
  • HealthCrowd Confirms that Medicaid Patients are Equipped for Text Messaging Services
    Assisting the Medicaid population is not always easy, as low-income families are often difficult to consistently remain in contact with. One possible solution could be to use email and even text-messaging to communicate with them better. While many worry that lower-income families aren't equipped with the necessary technology, HealthCrowd is seeking to employ a text-message-based patient engagement strategy and has found that 86 percent of the Medicaid population could access SMS messages.
  • Don't Miss Out on the Next Big Telecom Opportunity
    There is a silent battle going on today in the telecom space, and many telecom giants don't even realize they're losing it. The battle is over the rise of text messaging technology-both via traditional SMS and the Internet-and how to turn the medium into a revenue-relevant product. Telecom companies, in large part, have responded to the popularity of messaging services by hiking up prices for texting and data. This pits them against a rising wave of more affordable messaging alternatives.
  • goTenna Allows Phone Communication Without Service
    As hard as phone companies have tried, there are large areas of the world that still do not have adequate wireless coverage-or any coverage at all. The goTenna attempts to compensate for that fact by providing a new method of mobile communication that does not rely on wireless networks.
  • MeTesto Launches Professional Text Messaging Service
    MeTesto recently announced the launch of its professional business text messaging service. The original MeTesto service allowed individuals to schedule text messages that the services would send to a person's contacts according this or her schedule. Now, the Professional service, for organizations and businesses, extends that idea by allowing corporations to utilize contact management, sort contacts by various demographics, and manage employees with permission levels and capabilities.
  • New Long Code Text Message Platform Intros in US and Canada
    Business text messaging is one of the best marketing and communications methods available, as it may help you to build stronger global relationships. The text message allows you to share news, updates, ideas, and special offers with customers and with people who express interest in signing up for your company's services.
  • Text Messaging: Customer Service's Next Big Thing?
    Text and SMS messages have meant quite a bit to customer service, but mainly only in one direction: the outbound. While it's becoming increasingly common practice to use text messaging systems as a means to keep customers apprised of the status of orders or similar issues, it's much less common to see customers sending text and SMS messages to a company in a bid to obtain customer service information. Now many are calling for just such an option to be put into place, and ultimately, may prove to be a move that shakes up customer service as we know it.
  • Text Messaging Could Actually Improve Grammar and Spelling Skills
    Most everyone who comes in contact with the youth of today is familiar with said youth's abject fascination with the smartphone. Constant clicking, sending and receiving of messages and a constant flood of social media activity are part and parcel of the package when it comes to the young and devices. But while text messages like "L8R D00D" might seem like gibberish, these texts might actually be having a positive impact on language development and usage skills.
  • Former Cop Develops TrackerAssist App Using SMS
    The TrackerAssist safety app is designed for use as an electronic medical alert for the sick and elderly, as the emergency alert services on the device immediately inform emergency services, family members and any other designated contacts. The emergency alert includes the user's current location, and is sent through SMS, email or both.
  • 7 Creative Ways Text Messaging is Being Used Today
    There's a reason why text messaging has endured despite newer communication technologies. Short messages that just about everybody can receive, no matter the cellular provider or phone, is a foundational technology like email. There are so many possible use cases for the technology, it is only limited by the imagination.
  • Android SMS Tracker App Offers Ultimate Parental Control
    Smartphones are becoming more commonplace in the mobile phone market, and children are receiving phones at younger ages than ever before. Just as phones' capabilities for speed and browsing are raised, so too are the concerns of parents on what exactly their child is being exposed to.
  • Twitter in Class Action Suit for Sending Texts to Recycled Wireless Numbers
    Many laws have been put in place to give consumers recourse if a company causes them harm-such as a product or service they offer being defective or not carried out properly. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act 1991 (TCPA) is one such law, which was signed by President George H. W. Bush to restrict telephone solicitations and automated systems, and has since been amended to include text messages.
  • Taco Bell Off the Hook for Text Messaging Scandal
    Last week, a federal appellate court made the decision that Taco Bell was not responsible for a mass-texting campaign that a mobile-marketing agency called Ipsh allegedly sent out to consumers.
  • Digitonic's AMVS Tool as a SMS Contact Center Solution
    Texting is one of the simplest and most useful means of mobile communication. Short messaging service (SMS) is more popular today than ever before with millions of users worldwide exchanging electronic messages daily. With nearly every American having a mobile phone, it is no surprise that there are so many companies increasingly choosing to market their products by text. SMS is often used as part of a Direct Marketing campaign to drive sales.
  • New SMS Worm Discovered for Android Smartphones
    Where would we be today without text messaging? These brief, electronic messages sent mostly through mobile phones have revolutionized the way we interact with each other. Over time, SMS technology has become a global phenomenon and a standard way to exchange messages amongst cell phone users.
  • Anti-Smoking SMS Service Proves Nearly Twice as Effective as Traditional Methods
    These days just about everyone is aware of the negative health impacts of smoking cigarettes, but that doesn't make quitting any easier for smokers. Of course there are various support programs that offer smokers the tools and encouragement necessary to begin the long road of becoming smoke-free, and one of the newest additions to this list is called text2quit, developed by Lorien Abroms. This program has been going on since some time in 2011, but now the program has the added proof of legitimacy as the conclusion of a study confirms that the program is more than twice as effective as traditional anti-smoking literature techniques.
  • FTC Announces Settlement in Text Messaging Scam
    Earlier this week, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it had settled a prominent text messaging scam to the tune of $10 million.
  • EmergiTech Announces New Text Messaging Capability for IP9-1-1 System
    EmergiTech, a major player in public safety software development, recently introduced a new text messaging capability for the IP9-1-1 System. Officials said that EmergiTech's IP9-1-1 software system has been designed to be an easy-to-use, comprehensive and highly scalable software-based solution for emergency call centers.
  • Australia Cracking Down on Text Message Rates
    A news report from the Herald Sun this week revealed that many Australian companies are charging people outlandish rates for text messages, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is trying to do something about it.
  • Text Messaging Added to Insurance Agency System
    EZLynx has announced a new way for insurance agencies to communicate with their customers via SMS messages by adding EZLynx Text Messaging to its Insurance Agency Management System.
  • Text-to-911 Coming to Yuma, Arizona
    People have become reliant upon text messaging. But what happens when someone has an emergency situation, and, whether due to a need for silence or a just as a natural response, text 911? Unfortunately, in most areas across the United States the text message won't go through to the 911 land line, leaving the endangered person without the necessary emergency response. The situation is beginning to change though, with limited text-to-911 services being deployed in some areas across 16 states.
  • Tecma Group Makes Manufacturing Information Available Through SMS
    Transparency was not a word the corporate environment gave much attention in the past. Even if they were guilty of something, there was plausible deniability that somehow let them get away with their transgressions. But in a world where there is 24-hour news coverage, social media, and mobile cameras that can capture HD images, it is best to admit any indiscretion as soon as it happens, because any delay means the version that gets out is going to have a sensationalized spin on it.
  • Text Messaging Alert System Introduced by Dominion Virginia Power
    A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night, I was sitting in my living room watching TV when, all of a sudden, I heard that irritating noise alerting everyone to an emergency broadcast message. I didn't see any message on the TV screen and then I realized that the sound was coming from my smartphone. I had just received a text message with the warning: "Flash flood alert for the next half hour." Maybe five minutes passed, there was a crack of thunder and the heavens opened up. There was a small river of water flowing down my street.
  • Vintage Cell Phone Market Buzzes with Demand
    Customers lined up around the block for the latest smartphones may be missing out on the hottest trend in mobile communications - a resurgence of interest in old-fashioned handsets of just 5 to 20 years ago. It turns out that old Nokia, Ericsson or Motorola handset lying in a drawer may be worth as much as $1,300 on the retro cell phone market.
  • Sprint Plays Fast and Loose with Text Messaging to the Tune of $7.5M
    Your opinion on marketing calls may depend on which side of the phone you tend to land. For those who want to market their products and services, telemarketing is still a viable option. For those who want to be left to make their own decisions on their own time, the same call is an unwanted interruption.
  • Apple Sued for Text Message Interference
    Someone is actually suing Apple for the text-messaging trouble it has recently caused, claiming Apple's messaging system interfered with the delivery of texts after she switched to an Android-based smartphone.
  • Police Have Begun Texting in Crisis Negotiations
    In recent years, more and more suspects have opted to text police negotiators, rather than talk to them on the phone.
  • Text Messages are Replacing Voicemail
    I have a confession to make: I keep my voicemail account on my smartphone full so people cannot leave a message. I do this because there's no reason to use voicemail, and it just creates another communications channel I must check.
  • Why Text Messaging Software Can Improve Property Management
    The thumbs of the younger generation may be doomed as text messaging created a whole new way to stay connected without the burden of eaves dropping parents. While social media has taken the lead for some, others have taken their text messaging expertise into the workforce. With new technologies advancing in this space, businesses can take advantage of this direct method of communication.
  • Sales Teams Can Employ SMS Smartly with the Right Solution
    Texts can be used to facilitate customer feedback, offer promotional deals and status updates on customers' accounts or orders, and more.
  • North Carolina City Adopts Text Alert System
    Automated outage management systems deliver enhanced customer service and cost efficiency. Recent studies indicate that 80 percent of utility customers prefer receiving outage and payment alerts via text instead of email or calls.
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