Text Messaging Featured Articles

  • Verizon to Provide 911 Texting Service in Allentown
    One of the responsibilities of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is to make sure the most commonly used communications platforms are implemented to provide services for the citizens of the United States. This ensures municipalities across the country will be able to reach as many people as possible in the event of an emergency, as well as allowing individuals to contact emergency services. That is the case with text messaging, because it has now reached a point in which virtually everyone either uses it to communicate or has a device that makes it possible for them to do so.
  • Criminal Text Alerts Help Farmers in the UK
    Online Watch Link (OWL) is a unique, Internet-based system that supports, invigorates and administers communitys and groups such as Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch and Farm Watch, enabling members to be part of a network that instantly shares information of incidents. Today, OWL is in use as an interactive tool for the U.K. police and local residents to help prevent and detect criminal acts using text messaging technology, according to Libby Lee from North Wales Police' Community Safety Team.
  • Convert Your Kindle Fire into a Text-enabled Phone with textPlus
    If you don't have your smartphone with you when you're reading an e-book on Kindle Fire, but still want to send text messages or make a call, you don't have to worry. The Kindle Fire, a mini tablet computer version of the Kindle e-book reader, is now all set to function as a phone. And textPlus, a Wi-Fi carrier, has made this possible by adding calling and texting features to Kindle Fire.
  • What Does Texting Have to Do with Your Bank Account?
    In our increasingly mobile lives, we rely on a number of different sources and tools to keep us connected and informed. Smartphones and tablets certainly help, and with the right apps we can often recreate the office environment on the road. With text messaging, we can quickly stay in touch with colleagues and collaborators.
  • Apple Patent Tackles 'Distracted Walking'
    Whether you're guilty of it or not, we've all seen it happen: people walking along, paying no attention to where they're going because their attention is glued squarely to their smartphone.
  • TextGen Wins When it Comes to Customer Interaction
    While smartphone apps seem to be taking center stage when it comes to customer interaction, simple text messaging is still one of the most popular uses of mobile phones.
  • Powerful SMS Parental Controls Come to iOS
    Making sure kids and teens aren't spending all their time talking to friends and surfing the Web was hard enough when they were limited to desktop computers. But now that kids have access to smartphones, they can text each other and access the Internet from just about anywhere, and parents can't always hover over their shoulders making sure that they behave. That's why Awareness Technologies announced on Friday that it has re-released its popular parental monitoring and keylogger software WebWatcher for iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods running on iOS 6.0 or later. Previously, it was an Android-exclusive service.
  • When Student Texting is a Good Thing
    Whenever technology is adopted by the younger generations, the media loves to scrutinize it and create hype when hype isn't necessary. In the 1990s, it was a bad idea to let students have access to pagers, or beepers. Nowadays students are armed with smartphones as part of their regular wardrobe. Perhaps older generations see these as tools that add to the degeneration of society, but in reality, mobile devices, and particularly text messaging services, are being used for good.
  • Text Messaging and the Public Record
    Public records laws are generally in place to keep public officials accountable for their actions. It also ensures public money is used appropriately and that decisions are not made in contradiction to governing guidelines. However, there is some debate regarding when business is conducted outside of the standard process, because of the potential for information to land outside of the public record.
  • Malaysian Airlines to Update Families of Lost Flight Passengers with SMS
    Many aviation experts consider the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 one of the most curious in aviation history. Experts are perplexed because the Boeing 777-200ER is one of the most advanced airplanes in the world, and it shouldn't have disappeared into thin air as it did. While the incident has been fodder for TV viewers for the past few weeks, the families and friends of the 227 passengers and 12 crew members have been in agonizing limbo waiting for any type of answer on what happened to their loved ones.
  • Text Messaging Can Drive Customer Engagement in Car Sales
    Text messaging is both efficient and personal, and has many benefits that set it apart from calls and email. Unlike a phone call, it can be answered whenever the phone's owner has a free second. And unlike email, studies have shown that text messaging is read almost as quickly as it arrives, very similar to a call, while emails can sometimes get buried in an inbox.
  • Text Messaging is a Valuable Security Tool
    Text messaging is such a big part of our culture when it comes to how we speak to each other. It's quick, effective, and has even transitioned into a useful marketing tool for businesses looking to tap into the saturated mobile market. Text messaging can go beyond the social means by which we use it when it comes to security.
  • Soon We Might Be Texting Smells with oPhone
    Sometimes technology goes way out there, but what about the idea of enhancing your text messages with the power of smell?
  • British Columbia Launches E-Comm's 911 Text Messaging Service
    In cases of emergency, the ability to contact 911 or a similar service can be crucial. But for individuals with hearing or speech impairments, this can be a particularly difficult task. Text messaging-enabled 911 centers have slowly been popping up in the U.S., but a widespread transition has not yet taken place. Across the border in British Columbia, Canada, however, the first 911 text messaging service has been launched for the hearing and speech impaired, using the solution E-Comm provides.
  • Brown Paper Tickets Announces SMS Ticket Sharing
    Brown Paper Tickets, an online ticket and event registration service, announced this week its SMS ticket sharing service, Transfer-To-A-Friend. The service is faster than ordinary electronic ticket transferring apps and allows ticket holders to send authenticated tickets to any person with an Internet-ready phone.
  • Carrier Competition Drives Down Texting Plan Prices
    Texting messaging just got a lot cheaper for some AT&T customers, and that's good news for any company that uses test messaging marketing, as it means these customers will be more willing engage in SMS business campaigns.
  • Want to Improve the Customer Experience? Try Texting
    Have you ever been waitlisted, left to wonder if you'll ever get the call back? A long waiting list is usually indicative of a service in high demand from customers, but with that kind of popularity, it can be easy for businesses to slack on customer service, dealing with the quantity and putting the quality on the backburner.
  • AT&T Adds Unlimited Texting to International Mobile Numbers
    For many, text messaging is only as convenient as the carrier company make it, but texters with AT&T service will be happy to know that their provider is upping its SMS game. Last week, the company announced it is adding unlimited international texting to all of its mobile share plans.
  • Text Messaging Might Be the Best Marketing Vehicle in 2014
    Is text messaging the perfect marketing vehicle? At the moment, it might be.
  • Major Utility Will Use SMS to Deliver Service Warnings
    A major thunderstorm or heavy snowfall can cause a power outage; high voltage transmission and distribution lines could be down, and at some sites public safety could be at risk. At such times, effective communication across utilities is imperative. Hence, to be in a state of preparedness and protect employees (internal and those in the field), Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, has deployed an SMS alert service.
  • Mobile Operators Hope to Reconnect Syrian Families with SMS
    Ericsson and mobile operators are providing communication assistance to the countless displaced families affected by the Syrian crisis.
  • Dannon Turns to SMS Marketing for 'Lego Movie' Campaign
    Spreading product awareness and bolstering sales are two of the main goals of any company's marketing campaign, and increasingly companies are turning to text messaging to help achieve these goals.
  • Messaging Apps Not Worth the Security Risk
    There has been a lot of debate over traditional text messaging versus messaging apps, and with the latest round of app hacks, you might think twice before turning to an app for your texting needs. Panda Security, a provider of cloud security solutions, has released information about malicious apps on Google Play that sign up users to premium SMS subscription services without their knowledge.
  • SMS Coupons Help Businesses Boom
    For many businesses, text message coupons and offers are an integral part of SMS marketing. Text message marketing in general increases sales across the board, increases customer awareness, and allows customers to stay in touch. Coupons allow customers to access a special deal right from their phones without needing to leave the house remembering a piece of paper.
  • SMS Reading Project Helps Lift Literacy Rates in Remote Areas
    Recently, an Australian-funded project found surprising success in lifting reading levels for school children in Papua New Guinea, using SMS services to communicate with teachers.
  • Mtalk.net Offers Simple, Speedy Way to Send Texts from Your Computer
    An Italian-based technology firm, Messagenet S.p.A., recently unveiled its revolutionary mobile- and Web-enabled, cloud-based communications service. Mtalk.net offers registered users a free and permanent personal webpage address, which can then be clicked on by contacts who want to initiate a voice call or text message.
  • Love Is in the Air - And in Your Texts
    It's that time of year again: Love is in the air, flowers and chocolates are being sold in droves, and restaurant reservations are filling up fast. And while many couples are finalizing their Valentine's Day plans, others are looking for new love. Online dating has taken the modern world by storm, and in the age of the smartphone, much of that online dating activity is conducted by phone-and by text.
  • FTC Levies Heavy Fine Against Text Spammer
    While there are a number of positive uses for text messaging and text messaging applications, there are also plenty of people who have found ways to exploit the technology. Spam mail has long been considered the most annoying aspect of the Internet age. Those don't even come close to measuring up when comparing them to spam text messages. Unfortunately for millions of frustrated smartphone users, it seems as if spam text messaging is a method of trolling that is here to stay.
  • SMS Marketing on the Rise in South Africa
    Embraced by teenagers and grandparents alike, text messaging has become a primary tool for staying in touch, allowing everyone to cross barriers in communications. It has also become the ideal tool for sending relevant information to potential customers.
  • Crisis Hotlines Adapt to the Texting Generation
    Texting has found a prominent place in businesses and marketing campaigns, public outreach, and more, but people are still finding new advantages to the technology.
  • Insurance Agents Use SMS to Impress Consumers
    Texting technology is making huge strides in business these days, arming agents and companies with unique new tools. The latest to benefit is the insurance industry, where independent agents are being pushed into the driver's seat with the use of smart mobile technology.
  • The Evolving Text-to-911 Era
    It wasn't long ago that the National 911 Education Coalition reminded individuals through its checklist to avoid texting 911 dispatch centers. The technology is there, but not all dispatch offices have the means to use it. Besides, voice is more efficient in an emergency, and certainly a lot faster-so the Coalition tells us. The FCC is pushing towards a more modern approach to contacting 911 dispatch in an emergency, and has called upon providers to enable 911 texting by the end of 2014.
  • Apps Will Come and Go, But SMS is Here to Stay
    There are many out there who argue that messaging apps will overtake traditional SMS and render the technology obsolete. But their reasoning leaves many holes, and fails to look at the bigger picture.
  • Going Omnichannel: Analytics Not Just for Phone Calls
    Now that many, if not most, organizations have finally realized that they need to be analyzing their interaction with customers in order to yield important insights into how best to serve them, nearly all contact centers are using some form of quality management solution that includes analytics to "listen" to the interactions and yield intelligence.
  • TSG Global: How to Play the TCPA Game
    The new Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations, which went into effect last October, have tightened the reins on how companies can reach out to customers using SMS. In some ways, the new regulations have been a big help, particularly to consumers who had previously received a lot of unwanted spam text messages and had no concrete way to stop them. But while the new regulations protect consumers, they've also placed a new and sizable burden on companies that use SMS as part of their marketing or business strategies.
  • SMS is an Integral Tool for Travelers: Here's Why
    With mobile texting a norm for information sharing, companies are realizing that using these services can be an integral tool to communicating with their customers, especially for those who offer services to world travelers.
  • ActivateTV Brings SMS and TV Together
    There are two things people love: their smartphones and their TV shows. Motility Ads, which offers an all-in-one solution for creating engaging mobile ad experiences, has launched ActivateTV, a new turnkey advertising solution that harnesses the power of TV for mobile user acquisition through SMS.
  • Facebook's Android App Heightens SMS Privacy Concerns
    Facebook, the largest social network in the world, is no longer today's most popular online social media site; that title is now going to Twitter. This microblogging service is now said to be the "most important" social site among teens who are its most active users. It appears that some adolescents and adults are abandoning Facebook over privacy concerns; for example, some are not happy with Facebook's Android app request to get permission to read users' text messages (SMS and MMS).
  • Emergency Alert Text Systems Should Include Family Members, Too
    These days, texting has taken on new life as a tool that still keeps people in touch with one another, while also improving the ways we communicate with businesses, organizations, governments, and even household appliances.
  • Using SMS to Track Injured Athletes
    Sports are played at different levels by virtually everyone around the world. Whether it is professionals or weekend warriors, injuries are a common part of the games we play. While professional athletes have complete care when it comes to treating of their injuries, those playing for fun in communities across the world have limited access to the benefits of sports medicine.
  • Texting Goes Beyond the Call as a Tool of Support
    Focusing on ways to expand college opportunity, Paul Hill, chancellor of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and Adam Green and senior director of the Commission's Student Success and P-20 Initiatives, participated in an event to talk about West Virginia's text messaging support project.
  • Text Your Bus to Minimize Wait Time
    Earlier this month, all city and Kansas University buses were equipped with GPS tracking devices that allow riders to text in and find out where their bus is in transit.
  • How Texting Can Help Your Business Put Customers First
    One of the biggest buzzwords in business these days is "customer experience"-and, in that vein, a new movement is developing that encourages companies to become "customer obsessed." As most of us know by now, customers are more empowered than ever thanks to the Internet, so staying profitable as a business requires pleasing these customers.
  • Study Finds Flu Shot Reminders via Text Increase Vaccination Rates
    With seasonal influenza upon us once again, it's no wonder why so many people have gotten (or soon will have) their vaccination to remain healthy and not fall victim of the flu. A flu shot is said to offer the best protection against influenza-like illness; according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it's 60 percent effective.
  • How Texting and SMS Push Business Communications Forward
    Unified communications, or UC, is being bandied about as the future organizer and simplifier of technology use in businesses, yet the third-party apps that purport to offer such simplicity and ease of use are not selling nearly as well as expected.
  • Do Not Call List Receives New Texting Complaints
    Telemarketers are obviously just doing their job, and they are trying different ways to reach out to potential customers. Now telemarketers have added text messaging to their arsenal of tools. As texting is a common part of our everyday lives and is a popular method of communicating on the go, it is seen also as an extremely viable option of promotional outreach.
  • A Dynamic Business Tool: Swift SMS's Jeff Stanfel Talks Text
    In the churning sea of technological options, there is one powerful business solution that continues to stay at the helm: short message service (SMS), otherwise known as text messaging.
  • LG Announces HomeChat Service for Connected Homes
    Text messaging might have started off as a service to allow you to quickly and easily send messages to friends and family, but over the last few years it has grown into something quite a bit more. LG announced during last week's CES that it has come up with a text messaging service that will allow you to send those messages to your home appliances. Texts like "turn off" or "preheat to 350 degrees" will allow you to start working on dinner or save energy no matter where you are.
  • App that Pays for Texts May Get Your Mobile Service Cut Off
    Mobile phone security software developer Lookout has put out a warning to all Android users regarding an interesting app called Bazuc. Put simply, Bazuc allows partner companies to send text messages from mobile devices that have the app installed.
  • Uncreative Spammer Fined for Texting Violations
    Text messaging can be an outstanding marketing tool … unless it violates consumer protection regulations. One payday loan company in the United Kingdom recently learned this the hard way.
  • Mobivity's Mobile Marketing Platform Meets New Demands
    Mobivity Holdings Corp., a provider of proprietary and patented mobile marketing technologies and solutions, has entered into an agreement with Frextr to transition all of Frextr's clients to Mobivity's mobile marketing platform.
  • Text Messages Help to Save a Local Chicago Landmark
    A Chicago resident is taking action to save a classic city building-Forum Hall-and is using text messaging technology to do so.
  • Text Messaging a Major Asset in China
    If you thought that U.S. citizens were the only ones busy thumbing away on their phones and sending text messages by the minute, here is some news for you: the whole world is texting. In China, 1.2 billion text messages are sent on an average day.
  • Texting May Not Require a Cell Phone - Someday
    Text messaging has many uses - ranging from quick notes to friends to large-scale marketing campaigns. But now a team based out of Canada's York University has been able to take text messaging to whole new level, using an unexpected medium: evaporated vodka.
  • Text Messaging: A Natural Channel for the Restaurant Industry
    While food quality is one of the measures of the customer experience rating, there are others, including service and price. As anyone who works in the customer service industry today knows, customers want more service options, including a broader range of channels.
  • Marketers Don't Use Text Messaging Enough
    With the rise of social media and smartphone apps, some pundits have predicted that text messaging will soon be replaced by messaging apps such as WhatsApp. The problems with this prediction are twofold.
  • Researchers Use Text Messaging in Scottish Health Study
    Researchers at the University of Dundee in Scotland are looking to gather 700 men aged 25-44 for a study involving binge drinking. While that sounds like it could be dangerous (or fun depending how you look at it), the folks performing the study want to use text messaging to curtail the binge drinking habits of participants.
  • Esurance Has a New Plan to Tackle Teen Texting and Driving
    The invention of mobile phones has completely altered the way we communicate. And one of the most dynamic and widely-used functions is texting. Despite the many advantages that come with being connected all the time, there are some drawbacks too.
  • Location-Based Texts Coming to a Store Near You?
    As a rule, I don't read marketing emails. There are plenty of firms trying to sell me on their products, and even with preventative measures in place to keep these companies from contacting me, I still find several promotional emails in my inbox every day.
  • Text Messaging Might Be Today's Perfect Marketing Tool
    All week CallFire has been hosting a series of webinars on using telecommunications in the entertainment and hospitality industries. Specifically, they have focused on how text messaging can be used as a tool for promoting events.
  • Universities Increasingly Turn to Text Messaging in Emergencies
    Two-way communication between organizations and the communities they serve, such as on college campuses, will increase during the next year. One recent study by Alert Solutions says that more than 90 percent of college students have cell phones.
  • mPanion Set to Enhance Messaging on Mobile Devices, Awarded Patent
    With the rise of new messaging and social networking services, text messaging is undergoing a paradigm shift. There are emerging technologies that have managed to change the basic user experience of creating a text message.
  • Text Messaging Done Right Can Help Communities
    A recent Dallas, Texas, power outage highlighted the importance of using text messaging correctly. It can be an invaluable tool as part of safety alert systems, but only if the system is reliable.
  • Should Businesses Be Using Emoticons to Communicate with Customers?
    Text messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication, and as it has evolved, so has the usage of emoticons. Many text senders commonly select from a whole lexicon of emoticons known as Emoji, which include not only your typical line of smiley faces and frowns, but all kinds of images, some of which make absolutely no sense but seem to serve some humorous purpose.
  • The Best Messaging App Isn't an App at All
    There has been a lot of buzz about the growing popularity of messaging apps lately and whether or not these apps will soon make traditional SMS text messaging irrelevant. But, those who dismiss SMS messaging, particularly businesses, are doing themselves a huge disservice by thinking this way, and there are plenty of reasons why.
  • Could BYOD Businesses Benefit from CyanogenMod's Encrypted Texts?
    Most smartphone users don't run the CyanogenMod version of Android, a free, community-built version of Google's smartphone operating system that expends the operating system's capabilities. But some of the features it sports could very well make it into future releases of more popular smartphone operating systems.
  • Not All Areas Are Spammed Equally
    Unless we're talking about the canned meat, spam is never wanted. But not all spam is equally bad. While e-mail spam is annoying, it also is easy enough to work around. The same goes for comment spam in blog posts.
  • Why Wholesalers Should Offer Text Messaging Solutions
    Many may think of text messaging as a way to communicate with friends and family, but the applications certainly do not stop there. Text messaging is being adopted by hospitals, businesses and government agencies of all kinds.
  • As Text Messaging Turns 21, Applications Continue to Proliferate
    For years, many adults dismissed text messaging technology as the provenance of chatty teenagers. But the truth of the matter is that nearly every age demographic in the U.S. uses text messaging to some extent today, and the numbers are growing.
  • Using Text Messages to Engage Customers
    According to the Pew Internet Project, research related to mobile technology, as of May 2013, 91 percent of American adults have cell phones, while 56 percent have smartphones.
  • textPlus Donates Free Calling Minutes to Typhoon-Hit Philippines
    When disaster strikes, the untold calamity that is caused in its wake is indescribable. Lives and belongings are lost, families are separated, cellular networks are down and communication is next to impossible. This was what happened when typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, but textPlus, the mobile communications service rose to the occasion by donating free calling minutes.
  • AnswerNet Enables Text Messaging for Business Phones with TextGen
    AnswerNet, a provider of call center and phone messaging services, has now integrated business phones with TextGen, which text-enables existing voice-only telephone numbers.
  • Text Messaging Could Get You a Job
    It seems that the usefulness of text messaging is never-ending, as businesses keep finding innovative ways to incorporate it into their communications models. Now, a Washington-based company is looking to help those seeking employment through the power of text messaging.
  • Text Messaging Aids in Patient Outreach
    Text messaging has become a societal norm for how and when we communicate. People are often found looking down at their devices, thumbing away at the keyboards, sending missives to business folk, family and friends and using the technology to interact with their favorite retailers.
  • CALLUP: Cut Roaming SMS Costs and Better Your ARPU
    During the two decades that SMS has been around, it has managed to establish itself as a popular alternative to cell phone calls in the United Kingdom. But as great as that may be for users, operators find it a rather expensive service as they have to make huge payments to the hosting MNOs to support SMS messaging.
  • Will Snapchat Completely Replace Text Messaging?
    In the world of communications, text messaging opens up new opportunities for the instant exchange of information. For most users, the temptation to leave a text unread or unanswered is more than we can bear.
  • Text2Printer Makes Pizza Orders a Snap
    Pizzerias usually handle an intense volume of orders throughout the week, and for good reason-pizza is delicious. But whether those orders come from customers in person, by phone, online or via text message, the trick for these restaurants is staying on top of the orders as they come in amid the hustle and bustle and in a systematic way that minimizes the time customers' wait time. No one wants to make hungry people wait too long for pizza, and customers who are fed quickly (and with the correct order) will be happier and more loyal patrons.
  • Understanding HIPAA Text Message Compliance
    Text messaging has become an increasingly effective way for people and businesses to communicate. Considering how many people use text-enabled cell phones or smartphones these days, getting in touch with someone fast and efficiently often means shooting them a text message. It's direct and convenient, and more and more industries are discovering its usefulness. Some communities have adopted text messaging as a way to deliver emergency broadcast information to citizens, and it was even recently reported that automated text message reminders from healthcare services actually improved the health condition of diabetic patients.
  • New Version of TextMe Available for UK Users
    A new version of TextMe messaging service is now available in the United Kingdom. Callers in the nation can now send and receive text messages (SMS) to and from any mobile number in an easy manner.
  • Automated Texts Improve Condition for Diabetic Patients
    An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a text message might keep you out of the emergency room. A new study found diabetic patients who received automated daily text messages after treatment in an emergency room improved control of their condition.
  • Text Messaging Goes to Work in Relationship Management
    The text message has taken something of a new prominence in terms of business and personal use, and with good reason. Simple to use, simple to receive, simple to digest and simple to respond to, text messaging offers high marks in terms of sheer ease of use.
  • Incorporating Texts into Your Business is Easier than You Think
    The incredible rise of text messaging is no longer a surprise to anyone in today's mobility-driven world - anyone, that is, except businesses. A surprisingly large number of businesses still struggle to find ways to incorporate text messaging into their customer service strategies. TSG Global offers a number of ways in which businesses large and small can use text messaging technology to improve their services. At Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW), TSG brought these offerings to the table, showing businesses that adopting text messaging doesn't have to be hard. TMC caught up with Noah Rafalko, TSG Global's CEO, to discuss the company's presence at the event.
  • Don't Let Your Company Fall Victim to New TCPA Regulations
    This October, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was updated to require that companies verify consumer consent before making phone calls or sending text messages. The TCPA, enacted in 1991, was originally intended to protect consumers and prevent telemarketers from abusing the system to the point of privacy violations and harassment.
  • Businesses Can Get an Edge with Text-enabled Phone Lines
    It seems like just about everyone is texting these days - teenagers, parents, grandparents, little kids - but what about businesses? Typically, businesses with landline phones have been sorely left out of the texting boom, keeping them from a whole wealth of meaningful information about their customers and clients. Even if a business sends texts to employees or customers, it may be working on a one-way street if it has no way of collecting data about the messages it's sending.
  • Nexmo to Use New Solution for Fraud Protection, Quality Assurance
    Nexmo, a provider of cloud-based applications for OTT providers, has partnered with interactive transaction-driven solutions and services provider CSG International to help it verify the delivery of time-sensitive and content-critical text messages it sends on behalf of its corporate customers.
  • Managing Orders via Text Just Got Easier
    For restaurants and other businesses that receive regular orders by phone, handling those orders can be a real balancing act. On a busy night, only so many calls can be received at once before they start to bottleneck on a fixed number of lines. Someone needs to be on hand to answer the call, take down the order and billing information, pass that order along to the kitchen, and ring it up on the register, all while staying on the line with the customer.
  • Should the Philippines Adopt a Text to Donate Program?
    The use of multiple communication channels to produce the desired result is the common practice of sales and telemarketing teams, yet the Federal Communications Commission does its best to keep these organizations restricted.
  • IBM Research Helping U-report Automate Classification Messages
    Ureport, a free SMS-based reporting tool, was recently launched to help Ugandan youth reach out to their government and community leaders through their cell phones.
  • Vanishing Texts Add Security and Style to Customer Communication
    The lines of customer communications have been open to texting for a while now, and that trend is growing, but there are other texting trends afoot that businesses should consider as methods of communication. The phenomenon of the disappearing message is booming these days, with apps like Snapchat allowing users to send photos that will vanish in 10 seconds or less after being viewed by the recipient. What about standard text messages that disappear? Such technology could be more useful to companies than they think.
  • Now a Boardroom in the Sky for XOJET Passengers
    Don't you just hate it when you have to do without your connected devices for even a moment? Imagine, then, the plight that today's 'speed conditioned consumers' face while flying!
  • Toll Free Texting Association to Address Challenges in Text Messaging in Toll Free Services
    As competition increases, businesses are forced to experiment different marketing models to grab the market opportunities. Toll free numbers allow businesses to connect with their customers in an efficient manner. They also add credibility to business by offering national and international reach to customers free of cost.
  • Text Messaging May Be the Ideal Medium for Narrowcasting
    It's interesting that broad, near-worldwide accessibility to the Internet has resulted in people expecting a more personalized experience. Although, to be fair, it seems that mobile devices putting the Internet into the palm of a person's hand also had a big role to play in this shift. Regardless of the how, though, one thing is clear: Marketing has changed.
  • What You Need to Know About the New TCPA Regulations
    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted in 1991 to protect consumers against aggressive telemarketers via a variety of channels, such as text messaging and calling.
  • Ongage Now Provides E-mail Marketers with SMS Text Message Service
    From healthcare to retail, businesses are adopting short message service (SMS) to handle their reach to customers. Whether it's a last-minute deal for great concert tickets, travel or a real-estate opportunity, a text message, when used in a thoughtful manner, can be an additional and compelling communications channel for marketers
  • Enhanced SMS Autoresponder Now Available from TXTImpact
    TXTImpact, a company specializing in SMS marketing, business text messaging and multimedia messaging services, is rightly making use of this trend with the launch of its enhanced SMS Autoresponder for text message marketing and MMS campaigns.
  • Snapchat's New Stories Function Aims For a Bit of Longevity
    What a difference a day makes. Cliche, maybe, but one thing's for sure: when it comes to Snapchat, a day can make a lot of difference indeed. With a $1 billion valuation and 350 million snaps sent per day, a day is making quite a bit of difference for Snapchat, and the company's taking advantage of this concept with its new Stories feature, showing off a day in the life of a user.
  • Orange County Selects MobileGuard's Compliance Solution
    In order to safeguard crucial information within the organization, the government of Orange County, Fla., has selected MobileGuard, a New York City-based technology company, for its patented compliance solution to handle government employees' text messages.
  • Telarix Extends iXLink to Include Rate Management for SMS
    Telarix, a provider of interconnect business optimization solutions, recently extended its iXLink solution to include rate management for SMS. The company's solutions, iXTools and iXLink, have been designed to automate the end-to-end internal business processes for international operations.
  • Text Messaging Goes Down the Bad Road to Collections
    Text messaging is a great tool that can be used to stay in touch, gather information or send a quick note when getting on a live call doesn't sound appealing. It's also become a popular channel for marketers to use when trying to promote messages to willing consumers. Viable use only goes so far before messages turn into harassment. When used for purposes other than promised, the messages can also lead to court.
  • Texting Habits May Generate Sleep Deprivation in College Freshmen
    Text messaging is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults, and is one of the main methods used to communicate today. Heavy texting is also associated with sleep deprivation, or disturbances in sleep. According to a new study by a Washington and Lee University psychology professor, texting is one of the culprits when it comes to students and sleep problems.
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