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SMS Coupons Help Businesses Boom

February 21, 2014

For many businesses, text message coupons and offers are an integral part of SMS marketing. Text message marketing in general increases sales across the board, increases customer awareness, and allows customers to stay in touch. Coupons allow customers to access a special deal right from their phones without needing to leave the house remembering a piece of paper.

In Southwest Florida, select restaurants are seeing a spike in sales thanks to this handy service, using permission-based marketing to get customers in the door for a night out of dining, bringing in revenue.

According to recent reports, some restaurants noted a 75 percent increase in sales at the time of a text blast, and by marketing standards that is an impressive number. It highlights how a return on an investment when it comes to text-based marketing is, indeed, quite high.

Text message marketing comes with its own benefits, ranging from instant deliverability to high open and conversion rates. It’s reliable, efficient and economical and environmentally friendly. Text message marketing is becoming a vital component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. Mobile users are hyper-engaged and hyper-connected via mobile messaging.

Services like TextGen make it easy for businesses to offer services via text messaging, whether its coupons, daily deals or other promotions. TextGen enables any number to be text-ready, landline or not, and offers tools that can help businesses gather data about their campaigns and the customers that utilize their services.

The benefits of mobile coupons for the business are very clear. There’s very little cost involved and it’s far less expensive to send out a mass text message with a mobile coupon than printing thousands of coupons, mailing them or printing them with an advertisement. Just looking at the overall cost of sending your coupons through text message is enough to persuade most business owners to use this form of advertisement.

With services like TextGen, businesses can get ahead of the game, connect with customers, create dialogue and hit their target audiences. 

Edited by Alisen Downey
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