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Mtalk.net Offers Simple, Speedy Way to Send Texts from Your Computer

February 19, 2014

An Italian-based technology firm, Messagenet S.p.A., recently unveiled its revolutionary mobile- and Web-enabled, cloud-based communications service.

Mtalk.net offers registered users a free and permanent personal webpage address, which can then be clicked on by contacts who want to initiate a voice call or text message.

The simple and intuitive service allows anyone to make a voice call or start a chat session without having to install any special software, read any instructions or register on a website.

Officials said that Mtalk.net relies on WebRTC processes built into most modern Internet browsing software and provides a more immediate experience than other VoIP services. The service is compatible with any personal computer with internet access and with mobile devices running on Android (News - Alert).

A registered user's personal link can be included in their email signature or on their webpage in case they like to be reachable via Mtalk.net. There are no chances of receiving spam even if the users publicize their link.

Further, the service boasts of a patent-pending filtering feature that allows users to receive calls only from people whose identities have been verified by Mtalk.net. With the help of this feature the integrity of the link is fully protected.

Mtalk.net can also be set to offer voice messages to the user's email when they unavailable to take an incoming call.

In a press statement, Emiliano Trevisani, Messagenet's VoIP technology officer, said: "Mtalk.net represents a user-friendly transition to WebRTC." "We've integrated both a Flash- and a Java-based in-browser VoIP engine into our system – a world first." The result is that nearly all PC users today can enjoy installation-free, browser-based voice communications. Mtalk.net determines which options are available in the caller's browser and selects the best one, with no action necessary on the caller's part.

Company officials confirmed that the basic service of Mtalk.net is free. Additional Mtalk.net personal links, personalized services and the option of multiple concurrent calls will be available as pay services.

Currently, Mtalk.net is available for download from Google's Play Store and is expected to be available shortly on Apple (News - Alert)'s iTunes App Store.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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