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TeleSign Grabs SMS Provider to Make Its Own Messaging Service

February 14, 2013

Telesign, a provider of Internet security and authentication services, recently announced that it has acquired Routo Telecommunications, a high-profile worldwide SMS provider, to help the company pursue its goal of launching TeleSign Mobile, its new messaging service. This new acquisition will connect TeleSign directly to a network of several global operators, giving the company the ability to provide extended services for messaging devices used by the largest global companies for online consumers.

This acquisition also helps TeleSign expand its ever-famous fraud prevention offers and continues its path toward a better, more innovative product development process. Ultimately, TeleSign seems to be moving in the direction of making fraud prevention a reality through tougher authentication methods that would consolidate the security of any of its future products.

TeleSign will now be using Routo Telecommunications' GSMA (News - Alert) mobile messaging capabilities to gain access to a large number of operators across different continents. The step forward will give the company a bump in its performance and stability.

TeleSign's CTO, Charles McColgan, comments on the acquisition: "The work we have done to create TeleSign Mobile lets us connect directly to over 800 GSM operators and we've added a team of SMS experts to our quality practice, enabling us to offer the highest level of service. Additionally, the acquisition gives us direct access to data that will continue to enhance our comprehensive security and authentication products."

"The business thesis we built around security, mobility, data, and cloud services has become a reality and the market acceptance has been beyond our expectations," said Steve Jillings, TeleSign's CEO. "Our unique offerings have been validated by the analyst community and by our large global clients who continue to increase their use of our services and subscribe to additional intelligence products. We are very excited to announce TeleSign Mobile."

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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