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What Do Marketing Messages Have to do with Love?

February 13, 2013

Text messaging is an effective way to push out information quickly, ensuring it will be read nearly immediately. Now, Leads360 has published an infographic demonstrating the most effective techniques in text messaging used across both personal and professional information. Believe it or not, someone skilled at nurturing a love relationship may be the best suited to nurture a lead – as long as it isn’t prior to the first date.

While sending a text is a great way to share Valentine wishes, marketers recognize the value beyond specific holidays. For instance, 9.6 trillion messages were sent worldwide in 2012, demonstrating a significant market opportunity. Consumers want to receive texts and they want them full of information that pertains to their likes, choices and way of life.

Even with the staggering volume of texts that were sent in 2012, there is still much unchartered territory in text messaging. In 2013, 62 percent of marketers have already used or are planning to use text messaging within the next year.

But while it’s undoubtedly an important sales tool, it’s one that must be used properly. In fact, with the right strategy in place, a Leads360 study found that conversion rates can hit as high as 328 percent. That same study found that only two percent of prospects actually received a text message during the sales process, demonstrating a unique and significant opportunity.

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Salespeople truly just now understand this value, entering the game with the knowledge of communications, but lacking the understanding of the different rules. Etiquette is essential in pushing out promotional or marketing messages via texting, as too much touchy feely can quickly push the person away. For instance, you wouldn’t send flowers to someone before a first meeting; likewise, the marketer shouldn’t send a text to a consumer before a relationship actually exists.

“With Valentine’s Day approaching and personal connections on the minds of many, it seemed like a good time to take a lighthearted look at some of the most successful ways to make a strong business impression and connection leveraging a less utilized communication channel in business – text messaging,” said John Reese, VP of Marketing at Leads360 in a statement. “Whether you are texting to win love or business, there are quite a few similarities required to build trust and ultimately a relationship.”

Before implementing a strategy to support any type of sales-based outreach via text messaging, there are few important things to note. Any texting campaign must first have an “opt-in” option for customers to select. No marketer should assume a customer wants to receive their information without first consenting to it. Likewise, there should be an “opt-out” option to allow the consumer to say, “Thanks, but no thanks,” and walk away.

Any marketer or salesperson that turns into the creepy guy at the bar via text messages will quickly produce the opposite of the desired effect. Consumers can tire quickly of communications; only effective messages with relevant information welcome.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo
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