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Tatango Expands Text Marketing Clientele with Broadtexter

February 06, 2013

Tatango, a text message marketing provider, recently announced the acquisition of Broadtexter, a New York-based text message marketing platform. As the result, Tatango platform’s client base will now include 20,000 more clients, including big names in music and entertainment like Reel Big Fish, Los Lonely Boys, Sister Hazel, Candlestick, Frank Caliendo, Click Five and TRAPT.

Broadtexter features multiple campaign support, short code messaging, mobile sending, advanced messaging reports and text. These features are backed by unlimited message pricing and stellar customer service.

 “Tatango has always seen a lot of opportunity in the entertainment industry, and with the acquisition of Broadtexter, this will allow us to take a larger market share in this fast growing industry vertical,” said Derek Johnson, CEO at Tatango. "We're excited to welcome both the Broadtexter team and their clients to Tatango, and look forward to building on the success Broadtexter has built.”

“This is a win-win situation for both the Broadtexter team and our customers,” said Teddy Goldstein, cofounder of Broadtexter. “Not only are Broadtexter clients going to be able to leverage the technology of the Tatango platform, but our team is going to have the opportunity to continue what we love doing, which is text message marketing.”

In related news, Tatango recently announced the launch of TatangoPlus, a new enterprise version of its popular SMS marketing platform. In addition to Tatango's proven SMS delivery platform, TatangoPlus clients get access to their own dedicated SMS marketing expert. These experts work one-on-one with clients on planning, dedicated short code provisioning, campaign setup, training, execution, report analysis and more.

Apart from having their own dedicated SMS marketing expert, TatangoPlus customers also get access to the various features and services only available to enterprise customers.

The TatangoPlus SMS platform is currently available to clients in both the United States and Canada, with plans to expand internationally in early 2013.

Edited by Braden Becker
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