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WordLogic Corporation Releases New Predictive Text Solution for Business of all Sizes

February 01, 2013

WordLogic Corporation is a premier technology company that is developing advanced methods of text and information entry. Recently it introduced WordLogic for Business, a new predictive text solution, aimed at companies of every size, from multinationals to small and medium-sized businesses.

Built on WordLogic’s patented predictive text technology, WordLogic for Business allows organizations to improve productivity through accurate, faster and more consistent text entry across the workforce.

The predictive text solution also provides organizations with the ability to customize language and terminology, as well as the user interface, to suit multiple business scenarios.

Optimized to run on Android (News - Alert) tablets and smartphones as well as desktop PCs, WordLogic for Business can be used with custom touchscreen devices, such as touchscreen PDAs used by couriers and delivery companies.

Officials said that the solution boasts of a series of customizable dictionaries stored in the Cloud that can stock millions of complex industry or company-specific words and phrases.

The dictionaries are managed centrally and updated with new words, terminology and phrases best suited for sectors like Healthcare, Utilities and Legal.

 “Through our continuing work with our customers we’ve become acutely aware of the varying demands of different vertical sectors and their specific language and terminology. These are issues which are impeding the wholesale adoption of touchscreen devices in the enterprise,” said WordLogic CTO Mark Dostie, in a statement.

He added: “A legal professional uses a completely different vocabulary of words and phrases compared to a doctor, so there’s no place for a ‘one size fits all’ approach. WordLogic’s sophisticated predictive Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based, customizable dictionary system is flexible enough to accommodate the individual language requirements of all of these industries. This allows workers to quickly and accurately input mission-critical information and updates and frees them up to focus on other important tasks.”

Additionally, the solution also offers a consistent, high-quality experience for the end-user, regardless of the device or platform they are using.

In related TMC (News - Alert) news, WordLogic Corporation has recently announced the launch of its brand new iKnowU Keyboard app for Android handsets.

Edited by Ashley Caputo
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