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Business Text Messaging Starts with VoIP

January 15, 2013

While cell phones have certainly changed the way business calls are made, the death of the office phone is still a long way off.

What is fading into obsolescence right now is the single-function business phone. Office phones need to do more than make calls now, just as cell phones don’t just make calls.

In particular, offices need the ability to send text messages, reaching customers both with audio and text.

But analogue office phones don’t perform that trick. What’s needed is voice-over-IP in the office environment. That takes office phones into the twenty-first century, letting professionals engage customers via phone, fax or text using a single number.

An example of how business text messages start with VoIP can be found with TSG Global, which offers business VoIP with its FlexTalk Voice and Flextalk SMS solutions.

FlexTalk is an enterprise phone service that enables businesses all over the world to replace or augment traditional inbound and outbound enterprise phone service with VoIP numbers. With this number comes more than just a voice service: it enables U.S. and International DID Service, VoIP, inbound local, outbound local, long distance, International calling, SMS texting, long code, T.38, enhanced LRN, CNAM and e911 (News - Alert) services.

It also can be deployed instantly, with businesses being able to add telephone numbers in 80 percent of the U.S. instantly. This instant rollout helps businesses be more nimble, not just more tech-savvy and able to communicate on all important customer channels.

“A decade ago, if you had been told that you could have one communication tool enabling your business to engage your customers via phone, fax or text no matter where you or your customers are, you would have paid a premium for it willingly,” noted TSG. “Today all businesses can have this ability empowering them to be present with their customers for a fraction of the cost from anywhere in the world.”

With Flextalk SMS, businesses take advantage of VoIP further by being able to use long code for its text messaging instead of short code.

Long code, basically, are telephone numbers like we’re used to seeing on our cell phones instead of the shorter numbers businesses used to need for sending text messages.

Long codes like those offered through FlexTalkSMS are able to be ordered, deployed and implemented in real time.

“Not to mention, FlexTalk SMS Long Code on average ends up being 70 percent less expensive as compared to that of a short code,” according to the company.

“As traditional household lines continue to dwindle, and as customers continue to convert to IP and mobile messaging based services and technologies, SMS Texting will continue to grow as the leader in the world of unified communications,” added the company.

The bottom line: business texting starts with VoIP.

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Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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