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Text Messaging Service Helps Shoppers this Holiday Season

December 13, 2012

With just under two weeks to go until the big gift giving holiday of the year commences, shoppers are furiously finalizing their lists, checking them twice, and relying on a bit of technology to help them find the best deals for their recipients.

AT&T (News - Alert) recently launched a free text messaging service for its smartphone users that will help customers find discounts on stores in their area, making gift buying a little less burdensome on an already-stretched budget.

The text messaging service, which is opt-in for customers, uses location-based technology and sends an alert that uses the buying preferences of the smartphone owner, all without having to download an extraneous app.

While apps seem to be the rage when it comes to businesses interacting with their customer base, there is much to be said about the tried and true technology of text messaging. Customers may be hesitant to download more apps than they need – apps that would otherwise take up memory on their phones – and may want to utilize specific services that will be beneficial to this time of year.

Many retailers have hopped on the text messaging bandwagon and have set up opt-in programs, like AT&T, that will alert customers to specific deals and coupons to help make holiday shopping a little easier on the wallet.

A quick Web search will yield many popular retailers’ text codes for special deals, or customers can look for signs at store registers to see if they have a text campaign currently running for the holidays. Customers can usually sign up for the alerts by texting a series of numbers and are immediately opted in to the service.

The benefits of using text messages for deals and coupons is avoiding having to find a lump of coupons in your pocket or the bottom of your bag as you dash through the stores for a specific product. Customers can skip the paper and rely on good ol’ text messaging for money-saving offers all on one device.

Of course, consumers are being warned of fraudulent sites and scams that act like legit text messaging campaigns. Scambook recently released an announcement alerting fans of Best Buy (News - Alert) of a wary campaign that tells consumers they have won a free $1000 Best Buy gift card, but it is nothing more than a phishing scam for personal information.

“Members of our community alerted us to this fraud,” said Kase Chong, Scambook’s director of marketing. “They are receiving text messages from different telephone numbers, but are all being directed to a handful of websites like BestBuyWin.net in an effort to solicit their personal information. The sites themselves are confusing as they have appropriated the Best Buy logo and colors.”

Text messaging is a great way for customers to benefit from some sweet holiday deals. As with all technologies, customers should practice good technology safety habits while taking advantage of the ease and speed of them.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman
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