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FlexTalk Makes SMS Texting Easy for Customer Campaigns

November 09, 2012

Text message short codes have been around for awhile, but the cost makes them prohibitive for many potential business uses.

That’s where long codes enter the story.

“While short codes are leased from a handful of major players at a cost of $500 to $1,000 per month (costs depend upon whether standard or vanity codes are involved), the long code is just a telephone number enabled to carry SMS, owned by the customer and only costing a couple of dollars a month,” noted Paula Bernier (News - Alert) in a recent story for TMC’s (News - Alert) Next Gen Mobility Magazine.

In addition to the reduced cost of long codes, which can be up to 70 percent cheaper than short codes according to long code pioneer TSG Global, SMS users can order, deploy and implement SMS texting in real time using services such as TSG Global’s FlexTalkSMS.

Long codes also can carry voice and data fax traffic.

“Today’s businesses are required to be media company’s telling their story better than anyone else, and making sure that when they need to be reached they can be, no matter how, when or where their customers want to reach them,” noted TSG Global on its website.

That’s why long codes are an important new technology; it makes SMS text-based campaigns and customer interactions for more affordable and easy to deploy.

Using a serving such as FlexTalkSMS, call center representatives could communicate with customers via both voice and text, notes Bernier in the story for Next Gen Mobility. Or a pharmacy could use long codes to interact with patients and patients could text in prescription refills using the pharmacy’s main telephone number.

“Long code technology also could be used to invite customers to comment about the quality of their experiences with a business,” said TSG Global CEO Noah Rafalko. “For example, a restaurant could offer a long code phone number to enable diners to offer feedback easily and quickly before they leave the restaurant. This is how a carrier or enterprise can monetize and enter this social media revolution through enabling text messaging.”

FlexTalk puts the power back in the hands of businesses everywhere to communicate, connect and collaborate with their target audience and turn them into a community where everyone feels accepted and welcome, according to TSG Global.

FlexTalk is a turnkey SMS text solution using long codes.

“Your past, current and future customers are talking about you, about your products, about your competition and their products whether you are a part of the conversation or not,” said TSG Global on its website. “FlexTalk is the tool to keep you in the conversation, helping keep your business where it should be, before your customers go to your competition because they are listening to your customers.”

With ABI predicting that enterprise text and messaging will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 36.9 percent through 2015, according to Bernier, long codes definitely have their place in the enterprise.

Edited by Braden Becker
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