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Zlango Partners with Meemo to Add Imagery to SMS Messages

October 11, 2012

Zlango (News - Alert), a provider of image-rich mobile messaging, has partnered with meemo, a digital goods licensing and Distribution Company. In this agreement, Zlango will make use of its global presence to explore a new revenue stream based on entertainment branded images through Zlango's image-based mobile app.

Both the companies will partner to provide visually attractive text messaging and social sharing features to users. Zlango allows individuals to attach images to the words they type, eliminating the monotony of bland SMS messaging and bringing a whole new colorful and interesting aspect to the world of SMS.

The partnership allows users of Meemo to make use of well-known entertainment-branded images from memo, as well as new Zlango-branded images, to get their messages across in a colorful manner.

Zlango’s users will reportedly find it easier and more entertaining than ever before to communicate with these new and attractive messages. This has become more interesting with recent improvements to its Facebook sharing and Android (News - Alert)-to-Web transferring capabilities.

“With popular brands like Paul Frank, My Little Pony, Adventure Time and Powerpuff Girls, Zlango users have access to trendy, textable images," said Jen Grenz, vice president of Marketing at Zlango. "The Zlango user is someone dedicated to personalization and really adding a unique flare to how they are expressing themselves.  Partnering with meemo has brought new, incredibly recognizable and popular images and made them available for people to add into their messages via texting or posting to Facebook (News - Alert).”

Recently, the company entered into an agreement with Bare Tree Media, a provider of branded digital entertainment. This engagement allows Zlango to provide brands within Bare Tree Media's digital portfolio of licensed brands.

The company will start the agreement with a Charuca-branded icon pack added to its suite of high-impact images.

Edited by Braden Becker
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