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Sybase 365 Unveils SMS Reporting Dashboard App for iPad

October 10, 2012

Sybase 365, the mobile services arm of SAP AG (SAP) providing mobile interconnection services and mobile commerce solutions, recently unveiled the SMS Reporting Dashboard application for iPad. With Sybase 365 (News - Alert) SMS Reporting Dashboard, the customers will now be able to view key traffic data and statistics for all their mobile messaging services.

"Enterprises are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile to connect with customers and SMS remains the most common and ubiquitous mobile connectivity channel," said Gregory Dunn, vice president of Product Strategy and Solutions, Sybase 365. "Therefore, enterprises require robust, 24X7 reporting on SMS messaging traffic via a mobile device. Our new iPad dashboard app empowers end users with full transparency in the delivery of mobile messages."

Used by any customer transiting traffic through the Sybase 365 enterprise messaging platform, the SMS dashboard is useful in providing data that helps the customers to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, operator and geographic distribution of messaging traffic in a given period of time. Moreover, the executives can monitor their service anytime, anywhere, to ensure the best end-user experience.

"Until now, generating reporting data was a job that had executives tethered to their desktops; however, we know this is not how information is shared in today's mobile-enabled world," continued Dunn. "We can now deliver business critical information in real time to our customers simply by saying 'there's a mobile app for that.'"

In related news, Sybase 365 and Cloudmark (News - Alert) Inc., a company that provides messaging threat protection for mobile, fixed and social networks, have entered into a partnership agreement. According to the terms of the agreement, Sybase 365 will integrate the Cloudmark Security Platform into its network to protect customers against all types of mobile messaging abuse. The Cloudmark Security Platform for mobile network operators delivers the fastest and most accurate protection against all types of mobile messaging abuse.

Edited by Rich Steeves
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