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Top Four Tips to Marketing Success with Text Messaging

October 09, 2012

The emperor of mobile marketing is still text messaging by 45 percent. How do you engage your market as king of your brand? Are you rewarded with a loyal following or is there constant fear and turmoil from abandoning prospects?

Are you the ruling lead with your content? While you think your content may be king, content doesn’t rule without a court. Content alone still needs its counterparts in your queen, context. Having a powerful distribution plan to put concepts into action and connecting with the people makes your brand interactive and worthy to be engaged. Witnessing first-hand the importance of engaging relationships between content, context, distribution and connection, I’ve outlined four key points below to help you complete your royal marketing strategy.

It's WHAT You Say & HOW You Say It!
Let's look at public speaking for a moment. Most speakers try to share as much content as they can in the time they have. No matter how long they have, most just spew out data data data. And what happens after five minutes of boring data, the majority of the audience tunes them out because too much content and no great context for delivery makes any king dull and unworthy. Unfortunately, most speakers are happy to engage only 20 percent of their audience.Back to marketing, would you be happy with only 20 precent return for all your efforts? If your answer is no then perhaps you should look at how your context should be king, because if context were king, content would still be queen. Content and context need each other. You may have the Mona Lisa of information, but if you’re constantly spewing forth information and not listening to the interests of your audience you might as well be finger-painting. Likewise, if you have a highly receptive audience waiting for your next release but aren't using easy interactive tools to use it then you would be insulting those you overlook.

Enable Distribution with Context
“With so many brands sharing across short code and social channels how can my content possibly stand out?” The answer to this frequently asked question is very simple: know how to reach your audience and the best way to reach them. These two parameters are the difference between inviting your audience to enjoy your content, and coming off as spam or sounding just like everyone else. As I opened with, text messaging is the emperor of social networking, but using short code to be interactive is really expensive and the carriers you cannot reach are numerous, but using long code is both complete in reaching all carriers and inexpensive... plus a whole lot more! Using text messaging via long code helps content appear naturally in the context of a conversation rather than the annoying “push and pray” method of short code (pushing content out in front of anyone who will look and praying they’ll respond).

Distribution Amplifies Content
What happens when remarkable content engages people passionate about your brand? Inspiration to interact with your brand. The staple of good content is that it stirs something in the people who encounter it. Thanks to text messaging using long code, people can react to your content easily. Comments, questions, reactions all easily communicated help the life of your content. Then include the fact your brand can have one number people can get in touch to text, call or fax and you make engaging your brand the simple choice. Getting your content in the hands of the right people can give it new life to spread even further than it would on its own.

Make Your Content Connect
It’s one thing to connect with your desired audience, but are you engaging your content to your audience? If you’re not using text messaging to illicit a response out of your audience, you’re only doing half the job and making your audience numb. Content ultimately serves as the backbone for several functions, such as demand generation, building lasting relationships with customers, closing deals, community management, the list goes on and on. To really connect and get the highest ARPU, then your content needs to have a reason for the people to respond. Ask questions, run surveys, build rapport, the choices are limitless and all at your disposal; use them. With the right amount communication and re-imagining, your brand can blow past your competition and live on far longer than you initially planned. The important part of this part is always be present and respond!

So, does your marketing strategy include text messaging? How do you maximize the value, reach and impact of your content?

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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