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CloudPassage Unveils Halo GhostPorts SMS for Cloud Network Management

June 14, 2012

CloudPassage recently announced SMS support for GhostPorts, a feature of Halo NetSec and Halo Professional.

Without the need for any additional infrastructure, this solution is the most secure way to control access to administrative and other network services on cloud servers.

To offer tight access control to network services and decrease the attack surface area of deployed servers, GhostPorts uses dynamic, time-based host firewall rules with multi-factor authentication.

Using any mobile phone as the authentication device, barring the need for any additional authentication infrastructure, GhostPorts SMS offers safe access control for any application on any server in any cloud.

Halo GhostPorts SMS produces a one-time passcode that confirms the user and temporarily opens a server management port for only the IP address the user authenticates from. This provides secure server access to users. This is an accepted process for multi-factor authentication, offers excellent server access control and is used in conjunction with existing server authentication.

“Secure administrative access to public and hybrid cloud servers is an enormous barrier to cloud adoption,” said Rand Wacker, vice president of product management at CloudPassage. “While multi-factor authentication is standard practice for securing servers in private data centers, until now it has been impossible to deploy it in the cloud without expensive and complex infrastructure. With Halo GhostPorts SMS, we are eliminating this roadblock with an approach to dynamic network access that is easy to manage.”

In 2011, TMC’s (News - Alert) Madhubanti Rudra reported that the company announced a partnership with RightScale, a major cloud computing management company. With this, RightScale users can get ready access to the CloudPassage Halo solution through the MultiCloud Marketplace. The CloudPassage Halo solution is a security SaaS (News - Alert) solution created to provide host-based network security, vulnerability management, server access administration, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention.

Edited by Braden Becker
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