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Free Text Messaging from FreeText.com Eliminates High Service Provider Fees

June 01, 2012

Text messaging has emerged as the primary form of communications for a large number of individuals and businesses, thanks to the penetration of mobile phones among people of all income groups. Experts predict an estimated 10 million text messages will be sent out globally in 2012. 

Despite the fact that text messaging is more convenient, many people feel they are paying hefty text messaging fees to their service providers.

Online text messaging providers like FreeText.com come into the picture in this scenario. FreeText.com is a website that allows people to send free text messages to any cell phone worldwide.

FreeText.com recently announced several innovations to its website to make it look more user friendly, giving users the ability to quickly find the information they need and take advantage of the site’s many free resources. 

FreeText.com service does not require users to have a service plan with a cell phone provider to take advantage of their innovative free text service. All they need to do is create a free account by providing their basic information, including name, email address and username. Once registered, they can login and start using the free text messaging service instantly.

The “text messaging from PC” service is safe as FreeText.com offers a high level of security and privacy. The service does not incur any fees or hidden charges. They also do not share the phone number to third parties, according to company officials.

FreeText.com website also provides information about the latest texting technology and laws, and features a comprehensive list of global wireless providers. Registered users can comment on the site’s articles and service provider list. 

According to recent reports, text messaging spam has jumped 45 percent in the last year to a total of over 4.5 billion unwanted messages. However, a recent report on TMCnet finds that businesses cannot do away with text messaging as that’s the best way to remind customers of their existence.  The report explains several benefits of text messaging. Read the details here.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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