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payLo By Virgin Mobile Introduces Unlimited Talk and Text Plan for $40/Month

May 23, 2012

payLo by Virgin Mobile (News - Alert) recently announced a new Unlimited Talk and Text plan valued at a flat $40 per month. Customers opting for the new $40/month Talk and Text plan will now be able to enjoy unlimited voice minutes and messages which include text, picture, e-mail and instant messaging, in addition to 50MB of Web access.

The proliferation of mobile devices, smartphones in particular, has expanded the no-contract market for customers who seek value via unlimited plans. In light of this ongoing expansion, the payLo by Virgin Mobile $40 monthly plan also covers its cost-effective and reliable feature phones, including the Samsung (News - Alert) M575s, which retails at $49.99.  

Designed with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for texting, the M575 comes with a bright 2.4-inch screen and the Virgin Mobile Navigator, a 2MP camera and camcorder, in addition to Bluetooth and quick access to the Web.

The feature-rich phone also comes with microSD cards for storing and transfering music, photos and video.

“Even with the huge increase in data usage, there are still millions of people who mainly talk and text, and they deserve reliable service and phones,” said Mark Lederman, director at payLo. “Half of our current payLo customers are primarily talking and texting, and now we’re providing to them unlimited value that suits their needs.”

Users of payLo by Virgin Mobile do not need to pay any activation fees or enter into any long-term contracts. Top-Up cards, which come in various denominations, can be used to easily add to a monthly balance and can also be topped via credit/debit cards or through a PayPal (News - Alert) account online.

The Top-Up cards from payLo also allow customers to purchase monthly service for international calling, ringtones and downloads.

Edited by Braden Becker
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