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Nab Criminals Using Text Messaging

May 02, 2012

The US Marshalls have designed an easier way for people to call in tips, using anonymous texts. Happen to be at the deli and swear that the guy making your sandwich looks like the rapist from last night’s episode of Americas Most Wanted? You probably don’t want to dial 911 in this situation, and now you don’t have to. By texting “TIP411” or “847411” and entering in the “USMFL” you can anonymously report your finding and still collect your award.

The Florida Regional Fugitive Taskforce (FRFT) is a big proponent for this type of crime tipping. The FRFT has a successful record of nabbing fugitives through the help of the public. “Anytime there is open communication between people, the information flows better and can be constantly updated, says Chiumento of FRFT. “Just as fast as the fugitives change their hideouts, we can have that information just as quickly.” It seems as though Florida is one of the most popular areas for fugitives to flock to, last year alone over 5,000 were apprehended from the state and nearly 6,000 warrants were cleared. Because of this, Florida will be among the first states to offer the text tipping service to the public.

It seems that U.S. Marshalls believe that criminals are utilizing technology more than crime stoppers in their efforts to evade arrest or even to cause more crimes. According to Times Daily, some criminals use technology as a means of stalking their victims. Some criminals are so sophisticated as to use sinister methods of opening and closing bank accounts, profiling potential victims of which to prey (like as seen on NBC’s Predator) or posing as other individuals as a means for identity theft. So it only seems right that technology should be implemented to assist in reducing crime as well. With this new system of texting in anonymous tips, it is very difficult for fugitives to be able to find the identity of the caller, which should significantly reduce the amount of revenge crimes from occurring as well.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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