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Actel Adopts Pro-SCMS to Optimize its Short Codes, SMS Systems

April 30, 2012

Actel (News - Alert), a Lebanon-based value-added mobile communications, micro-payment and Web-gaming firm, announced its intention to use the Pro-SCMS system to manage all short-codes.

Actel interfaces with over 26 operators across North Africa and the Middle East, and maintains partnerships with some of the largest names in both America and Europe. For a company operating in a network as large as this one, efficient and manageable communication is essential. They chose Pro-SCMS for this reason.

Pro-SCMS handles and logs everything involving short codes for businesses. The service allows individuals to save themselves from the inconvenience of dealing with multiple file types. It also creates a secure area in which employees can log in, perform their tasks and then get out with minimum hassle.

The less typing employees need to do, the less room they have to make typing errors that waste time and energy. Not only does less input mean fewer errors, but it means less processing. Pro-SCMS can process 1,000 short codes with a single click in less than ten seconds.

Having a unified, manageable and accessible CMS system also allows companies to make informed decisions quickly without rummaging through several different data sources.

Pro-SCMS keeps an updated system of short code reports, allowing it to calculate revenues and provide you with detailed reports. Businesses find these reports to be another indefensible tool on which they rely during decision-making processes. The reports themselves can easily export to Excel spreadsheets when required. Pro-SCMS reports give businesses an important and easy-to-use method for confirming the legitimacy of other companies' paperwork.

In the contemporary marketplace, companies find themselves playing more than one role, simultaneously, in their professional relations. The Pro-SCMS system can potentially benefit companies regardless of the role it plays in a given transaction: client, agent, service provider, etc.

Edited by Braden Becker
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