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Best Ways for Businesses to Use Text Messaging

April 20, 2012

Text messaging is an excellent and cost effective way to reach customers. Email is no longer the fastest and smartest way to reach target audience. The relevance of text messaging is quickly becoming the most convenient portal to contacting someone. When traditional modes of marketing and social media arteries are clogged, text messaging breaks through the bottleneck and instantly reaches customers.

The see the benefits of mobile message marketing, however, businesses have to devise appropriate strategies. According to Kalin Kassabov, CEO of mobile marketing company ProTexting.com, mobile marketing campaign should address one concern: “does your customer want to hear from you in such a personal manner?"

"By giving your mobile number, you are allowing a business to contact you in a very personal way. Timing is everything,” said Kassabov. “The business should only share exciting news that is compelling and relevant. We know that if the business starts sending stuff to customers that's unwanted, the trust will be broken. And we all know when the trust is broken, the relationship is over."

Cavender's Boot City and Cavender's Western Outfitters have set examples by implementing successful text messaging campaigns. They have realized that text messages are only sent when it is particularly important to that customer, and usually only one or two messages are sent in a month. Cavender's is even careful about what time of day it is when they send messages.

Cavender’s realizes a very low opt-out rate, which indicates the customer engagement level of a text messaging campaign. The outfitter’s group text message might be about a special celebrity event at a nearby store or free tickets being given away for a concert. Whatever the text message is about, Cavender's wants the customer to feel an increased sense of trust and loyalty.

"We're interested in building relationships and not just ‘selling,’” said Brent Allison, a spokesperson for Cavender's. “We would rather have 5000 fully engaged subscribers than 50,000 coupon seekers."

A recent TMCnet article speaks about different ways to boost text messaging campaign: Be brief and focused; avoid hype, slang and abbreviations; include real-time offers; make users easily identify your brand or business and make customers feel that they’re in some way special.

Edited by Braden Becker
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