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Trumpia Announces Enhancements to its SMS Text Messaging Appointment Reminders Solution

April 20, 2012

Trumpia recently announced that it has made a number of enhancements to its SMS Text Appointment Reminders solution. These new enhancements will enable marketers and customer service professionals to improve scheduling tasks, so that the chances of missed appointments get reduced significantly. Trumpia is one of the leading providers of advanced Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging solutions within a single integrated platform.

In a release, Beth Forrest, program assistant for Massachusetts-based ParentsHelpingParents.org, said that, “Using Trumpia's enhanced SMS Appointment Reminders feature makes it easy for us to deliver reminders to each of our 50 volunteers and map out our scheduling alerts, making sure that we are taking appropriate advantage of all of our parent counselor resources.”

The newly updated solution can be used by customers such as Hair and beauty salons, and doctors' offices as well as small business customers who still depend on an appointment based system to serve their customer base. By using this solution, customers can optimize their staff resources in a way which will make scheduling easier and more streamlined.

Trumpia's improved SMS Appointment Reminders solution has been designed to support scheduling of just-in-time reminders which need to be delivered either once or on a recurring basis. The new graphical user interface (GUI) has also been included to provide customers with a familiar calendar look which enhances ease-of-use.

Ken Rhie, co-founder and CEO of Trumpia, said that, “At Trumpia, one of our top priorities is to help businesses and organizations of all sizes improve the way they connect and engage with their clients. As a result, we're excited to introduce our enhanced SMS Appointment Reminders solution, which is an extremely powerful tool - especially when it is combined with all the other features in our multi-channel marketing and messaging suite.”

He added, “These, when integrated together, offer a highly affordable and impactful way for any professional who is dedicated to delivering exceptional client service to make a difference to the bottom line and staffing efficiency.”

Trumpia offers its customers more options for including SMS and MMS text, as well as email, voice broadcast, IM and social media via its All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging platform.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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