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New Text Messaging App to Help Transit Riders Plan Schedules

March 20, 2012

Missing the bus or train is perhaps the most annoying way to start a day. Ivrnet Inc, is making an effort to end this frustration by signing an agreement with Calgary Transit to provide schedule times to transit riders.

According to Hanif Mohamed, director of marketing and commercialization at Ivrnet, the new text messaging services will allow Calgary Transit riders to quickly and easily determine how long they have to wait before the next bus or train arrives. Armed with this information, they can plan well ahead.

Mohammed noted that in order to instantly receive the next two stop times for either the bus or the train, even for preferred routes, riders just need to enter the route number and the stop number to get the complete schedule of times.

Transit riders can send a text message with Calgary Transit's four-digit code to 74000.to receive free, instant information that is available throughout the year.

Although these services are available to all transit customers, by registering with Calgary Transit, riders can have access to important notifications about schedule changes, faster request and feedback of stop times and also text message alert services to their mobile phones.

In order to register all users have to do is to enter their phone number, submit it and then use the access code received in response to complete the registration.

Mohamed also noted that if Calgary transit riders want to use the new texting service, they need to make their own text messaging plans with their service providers.

In other news, Yellow Fox Studios, a Calgary iPhone (News - Alert) development company, released a Calgary transit iPhone app that makes it simpler and easier for Calgary commuters to get Calgary transit schedule on their smartphones. Everyone wants to be able to make it to their destination on time and with the new iPhone app, TransitGo, you will never miss a bus or train again.

Edited by Chris Freeburn
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