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TXT180 Enhances Text Message Marketing Affiliate Program

February 21, 2012

TXT180, a leading SMS text messaging service provider, announced it has enhanced its text message marketing affiliate program.

The highlight of this text messaging marketing affiliate program is that it now allows affiliates to earn a recurring commission on every referral. The new commission structure pays 20 percent recurring commission on every account that the affiliate refers to TXT180.

This enhancement was made after the company realized that a recurring commission structure will be more beneficial than the earlier system that comprised a one-time payment of 50 percent on the initial sign-up.

The recurring payment structure of the text messaging affiliate program allows TXT180 affiliates to continue to receive revenue from every customer they refer for as long as the referred customer has an active group text messaging account with TXT180. As per this plan, after just three billing cycles the affiliate will have made more than the 50 percent they would have made off the initial sign-up.

Anyone can join as a TXT180 affiliate through a simple signup process. The company also offers several choices of banners and linking options that can be added to the affiliate Web site. The affiliate control panel is provided with real-time tracking, allowing the affiliate to see exactly how many referrals he or she has at any given time.

The recurring commission model of the affiliate program is applicable to all TXT180 bulk SMS messaging plans, which include a monthly plan, yearly plan, or even the text marketing reseller plan, the company said. In each case, the affiliate earns a 20 percent recurring commission on every plan and every plan renewal.

TXT180 also helps customers create successful mobile marketing campaigns. The service is offered through phone and e-mail support.

While text messaging offers “a huge opportunity” for marketers, they have yet to figure out a value proposition that doesn’t turn off cell phone users, says David Vaughan, director of Projects, TSG Global, a text messaging services provider.

“Unfortunately, if you are following along with the mainstream of how others are using text messaging in marketing then you're missing the boat with the greatest ARPU (average revenue per user), because you're doing it wrong,” he said. Read the full report here.

Rajani Baburajan is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Rajani's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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