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Top Two Tips for Backing Up SMS on Your Android Device

February 01, 2012

The Google Android (News - Alert) platform is still growing in popularity and increasing in smart device market share, but lacks some basic functionality unlike the other popular Apple (News - Alert) iOS platforms. For instance, Android does not come with a desktop client.  A desktop client would make tasks like backing up important information a lot easier. Never fear though, because the Android Market provides enough apps to help you get the job done, whether it is in the cloud, on your phone or stored on your computer.

Here’s a helpful guide on how you can back up your text messages with ease:

Cloud Based

SMS Backup+ allows users to automatically backup all their SMSs to their Gmail account. This easy process will even allow you to even schedule the app to automatically do the process  after your initial setup.

Step 1 – From the Android Market, Download SMS Backup+

Step 2 – Start the app and select the ‘Connect’ option. A new browser window will  ask  you the credentials for your Gmail account. Enter your credentials, and then press the ‘Grant Access’ option.

Step 3 –
 The app will then automatically start backing up all your text messages to your Gmail account under the ‘SMS’ label.

Step 4 – After the first backup is complete, make sure the Auto backup option is checked so the app will automatically back up text messages for you. The frequency of the backup can be altered by you via the settings.

Step 5 – You’re done

Backing up to local media (Hard Drive or Memory Card)

For backing up your devices apps to your local memory card, it is recommended to use SMS Backup & Restore. This app will back up all your text messages in an XML or a .dat file on your devices media card.

Step 1 – From the Android Market, download SMS Backup & Restore:

Step 2 –
 Open the app, then simply select the ‘Backup’ option, and the app will  automatically begin backing up and all your messages to your devices media card.

Step 3 – Now, you are able to transfer the backup to your PC if you would like for further security. This is done by connecting your device to your computer, then select “USB Storage Mode” and find the file. The either copy and paste or drag and drop to the location on your computer and that’s it...you’re done.

Step 4 – This way of backing up also allows you to set a schedule for more automation. You can enable it by going to the preferences menu and selecting the option second from the top.

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David Vaughan is an industry veteran of telecom, now Director of Projects at TSG Global, Inc. To read more of David's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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