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Text Messaging is Paving the Way for Small Business to Operate Efficiently

December 28, 2011

TSG Global has a system in place to alleviate the pain and implementation tasks of its customers by simplifying it for them. The company deals with Voice over IP (VoIP) as well as text messaging while providing network and technology solutions. Given the promise in this space, an elimination of obstacles to success is a key competitive advantage.

In this TMCnet video, chief executive officer of TSG, Noah Rafalko, says the company is a proponent user of the technology as well as an enabler to the masses of application service providers. While customers are service providers in a wide variety of areas, anything relating in or around the telecom environment is a specialty, whether that’s a large fidelity provider or a hosted provider model.

TSG prides itself on taking away the telecom burden. The process of negotiating with carriers and auditing their bills can carry significant weight for a telecom business. “We take all of that process and procedure and use our proprietary systems and provide our voice systems at a transparent level without voice anchoring,” says Rafalko.

TSG focuses on the added value of the relationship it develops. It uses text messaging, which is an entirely different ecosystem that takes more energy, and lays it out, taking both environments and simplifying them.

Rafalko also disagrees with a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that SMS is a dying messaging vehicle. He still hears people using the word text messaging as a viable form of communication. Statistics speak volumes and as more people adopt text messaging in their homes and businesses, the room for growth in this field is anything but shrinking.

The unified communications pie is growing and while more slivers are being taken, there is still a growing text messaging space, and it is still a viable option.

Applications that allow free text messaging aren’t a viable commercial solution. It isn’t something large companies would integrate, especially in a fidelity environment. There are new solutions out there that give that commercial entity a viable option. And because text messaging is not a closed ecosystem, it can work in other platforms. They can give the same interface with hook ins to e-mail. This is of those many options companies can have using text messaging.

Trend wise, TSG has noticed a lot of small businesses adopting the latest technology, and those are the ones Rafalko says are driving the economy. Small businesses have application service providers that market their products as an augmentation to their current interaction strategy with their consumer. If they want to create a relationship with that person because of a $5 service coupon, they can.

Adopting that little group of text messaging can include many participants, says Rafalko. It gives a great opportunity to engage multiple layer applications to provide multiple solutions to the text messaging program.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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