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Text Messaging ROI Pops with Increased Growth

December 06, 2011

What are the top categories of uses on mobile phones for the third quarter of 2011? Downloading apps was, according to comSCORE, the market research company.

comScore (News - Alert) surveyed 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers aged 13 and over, and reports that 43.8 percent used downloaded apps, up 3.2 points over July.

While that's great, apps still only ranked as the third highest use of mobile phones.

So, what was the king use of mobile phones? Why, text messaging was No. 1, with 71.8 percent of subscribers texting in the third quarter (up 1.8 percentage points). Text Messaging was followed by the use of social media sites or blogging at 32.3 percent (up 2.2 points) but a far distant runner.

There are 90 million Americans with smartphones, up 10 percent in the third quarter over the preceding three months. While that is a lot, and it is growing, this number does not account for everyone with a mobile phone which should be first when you consider how your customers can work with you.

Text messaging still dominates as king because it is not limited to the device you use it on; it can be accomplished on any mobile device.

FlexTalk® SMS helps bring that simplified communication even deeper into the way you interact with your clients by enabling them to engage with you without the need for an app, email or browser on their phone.

With FlexTalk®, the possibilities of how you use text messaging are limitless. Why use an expensive short code to talk with your clients or an antiquated modem option for a limited hybrid solution when you can get started with as little as 42 lines of code to get on the way.

Text messaging is here and king, talk to TSG Global for a customized texting option customized especially for your business.

David Vaughan is an industry veteran of telecom, now Director of Projects at TSG Global, Inc. To read more of David's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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