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TSG Global Explains Advantages of Long Code Text Messaging for Mobile Marketing

February 24, 2011

According to officials of TSG Global, 91 percent of Americans carry a cell phone with them 15-24 hours a day.

This statistic helps explain why mobile marketing is on the rise: “People will leave home without their wallet before they would leave without their phone,” TSG officials say, and they sound like people speaking from experience on this.  

But the marketing is undeniable. “For product promotion, voting, polling, announcements, interactive information distribution, there are many reasons a company may want to reach out to people on their phones,” company officials say, adding “the question becomes -- what is the best technology to deliver and receive this information?”

According to TSG, the answer is “quite simple,” because in their eyes, “there are really only two options when using SMS text messaging; the Short Code or the Long Code. In most cases the Long Code is the more cost effective and efficient way; however, the Short Code still has its place.”  

You’d be forgiven for not being aware that there are two choices for carrying SMS traffic, many are unaware of this because the Short Code “has been the staple technology and the Long Code has just begun to gain traction.” As holds true with all technologies, “there is rarely one technology that fits all; it is a matter of matching the best technology with the need and goal.”

So what is the Long Code? It’s a phone number enabled with SMS, which looks and acts the same as a phone number, but which “can also be used for text messaging.  When using SMS through a Long Code it purely becomes an extension and capability of a phone number.”

And the advantage here, company officials say, is that this is a great option for “the ability for integration with a Unified Communications (News - Alert) platform and the flexibility and cost savings it provides.” Because, as TSG officials explain, even if a company is not using a Unified Communications platform, “the Long Code is easier to deploy, manage and greatly shortens time to market with a product, service or campaign.”

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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