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  • Automobile Companies Adding Texting Options in Their Vehicles
    It should come as no surprise that if you are texting while driving a car, the potential for accidents increases dramatically, especially with young inexperienced drivers. Aware of this problem, automobile manufacturers are integrating text capabilities into their vehicles that don't require the use of a smartphone or another device in order to reduce many of the accidents that take place while texting and driving.
  • The Advantages to SMS and OTT Marketing
    Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of our society, as is evident from the data released by Pew Research. This study shows that 90 percent of American adults have a cell phone, and this trend cuts across races and geographical locations. These adults include employees, customers and partners of different businesses, so it is only logical for the business world to adopt mobile messaging as a part of its communication strategy.
  • Text Messaging: The Future of Marketing?
    There have been several reports out over the past six months indicating that currently there are somewhere in the neighborhood of about seven billion mobile subscribers around the world. This is an interesting number since at the end of 2013 the population count was at about 7.181 billion people. According to my calculations, that means that about 97.48 percent of the world's population has a mobile subscription. A study conducted this year by Ericsson shows that a lot of people have multiple subscriptions with the capability of receiving SMS messages so the above number is closer to 4.5 billion reported mobile users.
  • Court Appeals Stops Telcom Refunds for SMS Overcharge
    Text messaging services are widely used as a means of communication for millions of people in their day-to­day lives. This technology offers an easily accessible and cost effective solution for all users to chat, enquire and get feedback or acknowledgment, or even communicate with businesses. SMS is a highly efficient mode of two-way communication, in addition to being an effective tool for enterprise users' work activities.
  • Survey: Want to Improve the Appointment Process? Try Texting
    The process of scheduling an appointment for a visit to the doctor's office, or hair salon, or just about anywhere, is rarely an experience people enjoy. Calling the business might mean a quick answer from a receptionist followed by a long wait on hold, then comparing schedules to the office's and trying to find dates and times that line up. It can be time consuming, and even an ordeal for businesses with appointments booked far in advance, but it's a necessary fact of life.
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