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  • The Secret Reason Your Contact Center Thinks You're Crazy for Using Texting
    A funny thing happens when you set out to do something differently with the way your contact center interacts with callers-not "ha ha" funny, but funny as in odd. I mean, you'd think that the prospect of augmenting a cost effective way for contact center agents to interact with their callers would be embraced and seen as exciting. And if not for the contact center, then at least for those on the business end... right? Well, sadly, that's not always the case.
  • The Phone Call is Slowly Going the Way of the Written Letter
    It doesn't take a lot of effort to connect with complete strangers across the globe, thanks to the Internet. Decades ago, we used to have pen pal swap programs to find people in different parts of the world and relied heavily on the written letter to engage in conversation. We even did this with distant family members; yearly holiday letters were sent out en masse, or perhaps we sent cards to our great Aunt Beatrice who lived three states away.
  • Real-time Texting: The Future of SMS?
    Computers, once bulky and pixilated, have become sleek, compact and on the cutting edge of image display quality. Phones have transformed from heavy, tethered rotaries to lightweight mobile devices capable of so much more than simple phone calls. As technology forges ahead, the face of just about every device and service is changing-so why should text messaging be any exception?
  • Apple Finds Fix for Lost Texts as Federal Lawsuit Looms
    Anyone who has tried switching from an iPhone to a non-Apple smartphone is probably aware of the unnecessary obstacle created through iMessage, which reportedly blocks incoming and outgoing text messages from other Apple users.
  • Why Contact Centers Need Text Messaging
    Millions of people today use text messaging. It's convenient, as it doesn't require the same level of interruption from one's day that a phone call does, and it doesn't exclude those without smartphones from using it. Furthermore, it is a direct, discrete and efficient means of contacting someone. Yet, despite these obvious benefits, the technology remains widely an untapped resource for many contact centers. With the new year around the corner, businesses should seriously consider integrating text messaging technology into their contact centers.
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