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  • goTenna Allows Phone Communication Without Service
    As hard as phone companies have tried, there are large areas of the world that still do not have adequate wireless coverage-or any coverage at all. The goTenna attempts to compensate for that fact by providing a new method of mobile communication that does not rely on wireless networks.
  • MeTesto Launches Professional Text Messaging Service
    MeTesto recently announced the launch of its professional business text messaging service. The original MeTesto service allowed individuals to schedule text messages that the services would send to a person's contacts according this or her schedule. Now, the Professional service, for organizations and businesses, extends that idea by allowing corporations to utilize contact management, sort contacts by various demographics, and manage employees with permission levels and capabilities.
  • New Long Code Text Message Platform Intros in US and Canada
    Business text messaging is one of the best marketing and communications methods available, as it may help you to build stronger global relationships. The text message allows you to share news, updates, ideas, and special offers with customers and with people who express interest in signing up for your company's services.
  • Text Messaging: Customer Service's Next Big Thing?
    Text and SMS messages have meant quite a bit to customer service, but mainly only in one direction: the outbound. While it's becoming increasingly common practice to use text messaging systems as a means to keep customers apprised of the status of orders or similar issues, it's much less common to see customers sending text and SMS messages to a company in a bid to obtain customer service information. Now many are calling for just such an option to be put into place, and ultimately, may prove to be a move that shakes up customer service as we know it.
  • Text Messaging Could Actually Improve Grammar and Spelling Skills
    Most everyone who comes in contact with the youth of today is familiar with said youth's abject fascination with the smartphone. Constant clicking, sending and receiving of messages and a constant flood of social media activity are part and parcel of the package when it comes to the young and devices. But while text messages like "L8R D00D" might seem like gibberish, these texts might actually be having a positive impact on language development and usage skills.
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5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must
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