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  • Convert Your Kindle Fire into a Text-enabled Phone with textPlus
    If you don't have your smartphone with you when you're reading an e-book on Kindle Fire, but still want to send text messages or make a call, you don't have to worry. The Kindle Fire, a mini tablet computer version of the Kindle e-book reader, is now all set to function as a phone. And textPlus, a Wi-Fi carrier, has made this possible by adding calling and texting features to Kindle Fire.
  • What Does Texting Have to Do with Your Bank Account?
    In our increasingly mobile lives, we rely on a number of different sources and tools to keep us connected and informed. Smartphones and tablets certainly help, and with the right apps we can often recreate the office environment on the road. With text messaging, we can quickly stay in touch with colleagues and collaborators.
  • Apple Patent Tackles 'Distracted Walking'
    Whether you're guilty of it or not, we've all seen it happen: people walking along, paying no attention to where they're going because their attention is glued squarely to their smartphone.
  • TextGen Wins When it Comes to Customer Interaction
    While smartphone apps seem to be taking center stage when it comes to customer interaction, simple text messaging is still one of the most popular uses of mobile phones.
  • Powerful SMS Parental Controls Come to iOS
    Making sure kids and teens aren't spending all their time talking to friends and surfing the Web was hard enough when they were limited to desktop computers. But now that kids have access to smartphones, they can text each other and access the Internet from just about anywhere, and parents can't always hover over their shoulders making sure that they behave. That's why Awareness Technologies announced on Friday that it has re-released its popular parental monitoring and keylogger software WebWatcher for iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods running on iOS 6.0 or later. Previously, it was an Android-exclusive service.
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5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must
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