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  • Niagara County Sheriff's Office Adopts Crime Victim Text Message Notifications
    The Niagara County Sheriff's office has announced that it has adopted a service that sends text messages to crime victims if the status of an inmate has changed.
  • Samsung UK: Texting is the New Christmas Card
    The holidays are a time to reach out and reconnect with loved ones near and far. Traditionally, it is a time of year for festive cards, phone calls and family photos, but in recent years, alternatives have become more and more popular. One that rises above the rest is text messaging.
  • Text Messaging Turns 22 This Month
    Short message service, otherwise known as SMS or text messaging, turns 22 this month, marking another year of tremendous progress for the tried and true technology. Since its first introduction to the cell phone, text messaging has become a cornerstone of not just mobile communication-but of communication in general. Nearly everyone today has a cell phone or smartphone, all of which are text-enabled, making it a convenient, discrete, and ubiquitous means of staying in touch with others, sharing information, coordinating plans, and so on.
  • Cut Through the Retail Madness This Holiday with Text Messaging
    With December rushing by, the season for holiday festivities-and shopping-is well underway. In the next few weeks, consumers will be making their final rounds in the retail circuit for holiday gifts, and that means a very busy time for stores.
  • Text Messaging Enters the Net Neutrality Battle
    It was a few months ago, back in September, that several big name Internet companies decided to show a lot of spinning wheels as a protest to block Internet service providers from providing "fast lanes" to sites that pay more, which is something that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has considered allowing within commercially reasonable bounds.
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