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  • Marketing Surveys Don't Necessarily Indicate Mobile Intentions
    A quick search around the Internet for some mobile marketing stats will yield varied results, but it looks as though marketers do have mobile marketing-and text messaging-on the brain. Surveys like that from Salesforce took a gander at what marketing folks are using for their campaigns, and while the numbers rank rather high in terms of planning to use or currently using mobile marketing, the responses on ROI were less than impressive.
  • Text Message Notifications a Growing Trend Among Auto Service Shops
    With the phenomenon of digital technology and instant communication well underway, our society is continually finding new ways to integrate modern forms of communication into everyday operations. One such example is auto service departments, many of which are adopting text message notification systems to better meet the needs of their customers while fine-tuning internal operations.
  • How Can Businesses Use Speech-to-Text Messaging?
    Each communications medium has its advantage. The main advantage of speech is speed, and the fact that most of us are better talkers than writers. But listening to speech is much slower than reading words on a page.
  • The Evolving Uses of Text Messaging
    Today there are more ways than ever to communicate little bits of information-chat and social media being high on that list. But despite these new ways to communicate the written word, tried and true text messaging technology is both enduring and thriving.
  • Text Messaging Sees Success as Mobile Recruitment Tool
    When it comes to running a clinical trial, what would you think is one of the most important parts? Probably one of the questions that need to be considered right at the offset is, can you have a clinical trial without patients? It seems that even with the numerous proposed strategies that exist for effective recruitment, it is still a major challenge that cannot be overcome.
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5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must

5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must
There are many solutions to accomplish the goal of attracting, retaining and building loyalty with customers, but with the barrage of media out there, where does a business begin.