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  • More Companies and Organizations Using SMS for Customer Engagement
    Getting customer support in the past often meant calling a vendor's toll-free number and navigating a maze of keys to press. After making several attempts to reach a live person, you finally figure out the combination of options that you need to get your question answered and feel a sense of victory. Unfortunately, you learn how Sisyphean the accomplishment turned out to be on the next call after the vendor changes its menu structure.
  • The Value of Text Message Signatures
    Chances are that you currently use an email signature both for your business and personal correspondence. If you're a serious mobile business user, your iPhone also probably includes an email signature that's more than a plug for Apple devices.
  • Enterprise Must Consolidate Mobile Messaging to Improve ROI
    Text messaging serves as an engagement tool for both consumer and enterprise alike when leveraged in a unified manner. According to a recent white paper from Open Markets and IDC, three out of four enterprises expect ROI by the end of the next 12 months - but their implementations may prevent the desired revenue.
  • Enterprises Embracing Omni-Channel Customer Service
    While the call center has been the backbone of customer service communication, it's been joined by text-based channels, notably SMS and Web chat in recent years, with the concept of "omni-channel" customer service.
  • It's Inevitable: Marketing is Shifting to Digital Media
    Just because a medium is digital doesn't mean that it will bring in more customers. Texting and email are both types of digital media, but they cannot be treated the same way.
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5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must

5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must
There are many solutions to accomplish the goal of attracting, retaining and building loyalty with customers, but with the barrage of media out there, where does a business begin.