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  • Connected Farmer Alliance Set to Provide Help in Tanzania via SMS
    There are certain tools that are fairly universal in terms of farming. The tractor, for example, comes quickly to mind, as does the plow and irrigation systems. But one tool that's making some surprise inroads is the mobile device, and the Connected Farmer Alliance (CFA) is looking to bring this powerful new farming tool to farmers in Tanzania through text messaging.
  • Why Text Messaging is Great for the Enterprise
    The enterprise is now looking at the potential afforded with mobile messaging. Those teens that once developed thumb cramps are now writing core corporate strategy and executing on sales plans. It seems only natural to incorporate text messaging as a prominent communication channel.
  • As Its Business Potential Grows, Text Messaging Sees New Fees
    Text messaging is one of the most ubiquitous forms of communication today, but surprisingly it has taken businesses a while to catch on to the trend. Slowly but surely, marketing and customer service departments have begun to take advantage of texting, and now-as more recognize the vast potential-come new costs associated with SMS and MMS.
  • New Bulk Messaging Software Hits the Market
    SMS is considered a highly useful method of keeping in touch with people across globe, both professionally and personally. Recognizing the versatility this technology offers businesses, Indian SMS service provider SendGroupSMS.com recently unveiled its new bulk messaging software.
  • Ad Campaigns Face New Scrutiny After Thomas v. Taco Bell Decision
    When the decision in Thomas v. Taco Bell was announced by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last summer, it appeared that franchisors had achieved a victory. After all, the court ruled in Taco Bell's favor in a case dealing with spamming text ads to cellphone users when it found that the fast food company was not liable.
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5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must
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