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  • Merchants Get Help Targeting Customers Through Text Messages
    As of the last count, reports indicate that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of seven billion mobile subscribers around the world. This is an interesting number, since at the end of 2013, the population count was somewhere in the neighborhood of about 7.181 billion people. According to my calculations, that represents about 97.48 percent of the world's population that have a mobile subscription. A study conducted this year by Ericsson shows that a lot of people have several subscriptions with the capability of receiving SMS messages, so the above number is closer to 4.5 billion reported mobile users.
  • Text Messages Find Their Way into Popular TV Programming
    In an era when high volumes of communication are conducted via text message, it is a pervasive element of our culture. And while it has taken hold as a communication fixture, it has been a challenge for filmmakers to incorporate in a way that feels natural. It's impossible to overlook this form of communication because it plays such a large role in real life, bringing about a whole new avenue for dramatic situations.
  • Texting Stays Strong as App Downloads Drop
    When apps like Whatsapp and WeChat broke into the smartphone apps market, people thought they were seeing the future of instant messaging and communications. Who needs to pay for texting, when they can download an app that can send instant messages and has fun functionality? Sadly, for app developers, texting isn't likely to go away any time soon, as a recent report has revealed a bleak future for smartphone apps.
  • FCC Requiring All Wireless Carriers to Support Text-to-911 by End of Year
    Callers will soon find it a lot more flexible to contact 911. Under new rules from the Federal Communications Commission, by the end of the year wireless carriers will have to support text to 911 services.
  • Pennsylvania Suburbs to Get 911 Text Messaging
    Across the country, 911 centers have begun to implement new technology that enables mobile phone users to text in emergency situations. The Pennsylvania suburbs of Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Berks counties are the latest to join the planned nationwide rollout of 911 texting.
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