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  • The Value of Text Message Signatures
    Chances are that you currently use an email signature both for your business and personal correspondence. If you're a serious mobile business user, your iPhone also probably includes an email signature that's more than a plug for Apple devices.
  • Enterprise Must Consolidate Mobile Messaging to Improve ROI
    Text messaging serves as an engagement tool for both consumer and enterprise alike when leveraged in a unified manner. According to a recent white paper from Open Markets and IDC, three out of four enterprises expect ROI by the end of the next 12 months - but their implementations may prevent the desired revenue.
  • Enterprises Embracing Omni-Channel Customer Service
    While the call center has been the backbone of customer service communication, it's been joined by text-based channels, notably SMS and Web chat in recent years, with the concept of "omni-channel" customer service.
  • It's Inevitable: Marketing is Shifting to Digital Media
    Just because a medium is digital doesn't mean that it will bring in more customers. Texting and email are both types of digital media, but they cannot be treated the same way.
  • Is Customer Engagement Just a Text Message Away?
    When it comes to retail these days-whether online or brick-and-mortar-customer engagement is the stuff that dreams are made of. More specifically, the stuff that dreams of runaway success are made of. When the customers are engaged, the customers are paying attention, and eager to come back time and time again to shop with that particular store.
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5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must

5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must
There are many solutions to accomplish the goal of attracting, retaining and building loyalty with customers, but with the barrage of media out there, where does a business begin.