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  • Disaster Talk to the Rescue
    DisasterTalk is a texting app, developed to offer fast, instant phone to phone communication in a unique way.
  • HealthCrowd Confirms that Medicaid Patients are Equipped for Text Messaging Services
    Assisting the Medicaid population is not always easy, as low-income families are often difficult to consistently remain in contact with. One possible solution could be to use email and even text-messaging to communicate with them better. While many worry that lower-income families aren't equipped with the necessary technology, HealthCrowd is seeking to employ a text-message-based patient engagement strategy and has found that 86 percent of the Medicaid population could access SMS messages.
  • Don't Miss Out on the Next Big Telecom Opportunity
    There is a silent battle going on today in the telecom space, and many telecom giants don't even realize they're losing it. The battle is over the rise of text messaging technology-both via traditional SMS and the Internet-and how to turn the medium into a revenue-relevant product. Telecom companies, in large part, have responded to the popularity of messaging services by hiking up prices for texting and data. This pits them against a rising wave of more affordable messaging alternatives.
  • goTenna Allows Phone Communication Without Service
    As hard as phone companies have tried, there are large areas of the world that still do not have adequate wireless coverage-or any coverage at all. The goTenna attempts to compensate for that fact by providing a new method of mobile communication that does not rely on wireless networks.
  • MeTesto Launches Professional Text Messaging Service
    MeTesto recently announced the launch of its professional business text messaging service. The original MeTesto service allowed individuals to schedule text messages that the services would send to a person's contacts according this or her schedule. Now, the Professional service, for organizations and businesses, extends that idea by allowing corporations to utilize contact management, sort contacts by various demographics, and manage employees with permission levels and capabilities.
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5 Reasons It is a Business Strategy Must
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